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Does anybody have an idea of where to put a bass speaker other than the floor

31 August 2006
Basically the title says it all I'm looking for someplace other than the floor to put my base speaker does anyone have ideas or has anyone already done it
As Meghan Trainor says, its all about that bass.

How much do you want? Diameter of the driver and the volume of the enclosure are determining factors in the bass response. If you are prepared to give up some bass response relative to the OEM enclosure you can reduce the size which then opens up options for relocation. As I recall, all of the aftermarket alternatives to the OEM enclosure were bigger (more volume) not smaller.

I am curious as to where Drew proposes to mount the Bass Shaker. They need a flat resonant surface and about the only large flat surface in the interior of the NSX that I can think off is the roof panel. Aside from the audio response in your head that could be particularly interesting for the people in the lane next to you at a stop light. Little too reminiscent of the rusty Civic hatch with the mega woofers shaking the rear hatch:smile:.
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>I am curious as to where Drew proposes to mount the Bass Shaker.

Directly to the seat, it will be tight. Either the bottom, just behind the front motor or the back at the lumbar support.
i cant remember who but ive seen someone mount a sub pointing at the roof taking the place of the center speaker behind the arm rest. If i find images ill post them here
Unsure where you’re located, but if you’re the custom router, I’d give Simplicity in Sound a call.

Looks like there might be a few members who have contacted them for work too.

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Mine is pointed down behind the glove box where the passenger speaker use to be, the a/c ducting was also removed..