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Does anyone know this car? JH4NA21645S000109

no but the reserve not meet means this car will probably sell for
around 55-65K. if everything checks out. and the carfax is clean.

nice car though. I wish mine had a 6-speed tranny. maybe one day LOL
I don't like the aftermarket stereo along with the concept of destroying the door panels. It looks like this car had an aftermarket shift knob or at least the original one was removed and unprofessionally reinstalled since the bottom locking screw apears to be missing. There is a high chance the car had different suspension installed, it looks to be at stock height but the center covers are missing in front which would indicate that someone was "messing with something there". I also don't like the condition of front rotors.
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yeah the stereo is one of those pop-out that blocks the AC controls while your driving, yukk.. but to each there own.

as for the shift boot it looks like the either replaced it with a new one, or it had a Zanardi mesh that they wanted to keep. but the put it on wrong as was stated earlier. bone heads, it even comes with instructions to install the leather.

other than the Soon to be High bids the car look OK from the Pictures all the lines are right, but intill you drive it start it and previous TB/WP valves

you really dont know
I think on the last listing the bid went to a little over $50k and it didn't sell. Princeton Porsch is asking $55k on their website.
No I don't.
But since you asked, I'll blab.
First, have not seen carflax or nuttin' on paper/records.
Second, I saw this 'cause I do appreciate the silv/silv (matching interior NSX fan).
You don't indicate where you reside, so proximity to Jersey means no shipping and ship can be a real add-on when calculating your expenses.
Brylek made good observations. The two missing black plastic "plugs" at cowl top (w/hood open) tell a story, along with door panel(s). Shift knob is correct, but ??? is going on with that? Is OEM center console included, or was it sacrificed to custom tunage and Passport display mount? That part is BIG $$.
Front license plate/mount with 28 K miles will leave witness mark(s) on front bumper if you are bringing it into a state w/no front dish required.
Wheels I like a lot, but not on this particular silverstone NSX.
Driver's seat bolster (left side) appears nice.
My summary: An owner modded this NSX to be "his." And may have reversed some to sell. Are OEM parts available? Does it matter to you?
Personally, although it's a great color combo, I would want stock due to last year of NSX production and relatively low miles.
Good luck!