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donating motivation

7 February 2001
I only go to a couple of forums, mainly prime,6-speed and viperalley, and although viperalley is a completely different site than prime, they use a fairly good method to keep their donations coming in...BRIBERY :biggrin:

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although I have been a member of prime for quite a while and I usually visit several times a day, I am kind of embarrassed to say that I have never donated. Mostly b/c I never think about doing it at a time when I am in a good position to(read.. have extra $).

Lud, have you ever considered doing such to promote more donations or is that not really a top priority? Just curious b/c it seems to work well on other sites. :cool:

BTW, If all goes well this month, I have made it a priority to make myself a prime supporter. Thanks for a great site :wink:
Heck, I'd pitch in more if I had the chance to win fabulous prizes. :biggrin:
I don't think it's necessary to encourage Prime members with giveaways. All reasonable members here know that this site is a worthy prize by itself. Often the infos here even save you a lot of money - sometimes much more than a PS 2 would cost.
Interesting idea, but I don't really want to get into that, at least for now. I would prefer people to contribute because they feel like they have received value from the site, not to win a prize. But I will keep it in mind in case the money out ever starts to get a lot higher than the money in. :wink: