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Dream car finally acquired: 1992 GPW 5 speed manual

14 April 2020
Calgary, Alberta
Hey everyone,

I've been a creeper on the forums but figured I would introduce myself as I finally got into NSX ownership somewhat recently.

I've always been a Honda enthusiast owning several examples of Civics and Integras when I was in high school and university. I ended up taking a break from Honda things for a few years but got back into them with an AP2 S2000 after I got married. Fast forward a few years and I currently own a decently modified AP2 S2000 that I use for street and track duties and a 2001 Honda Insight as my daily driver. I was seriously looking for an NA1 for the past few years but deals always ended up falling through to local buyers as there were never any examples locally within my budget. A 1992 NSX in manual finished in GPW and with modifications I would have ended up doing myself (KW V3 coilovers, suspension arms, Taitec GTLW exhaust) came up for sale locally and I quickly jumped on it and made a deal with the seller. My wife was super supportive as this was a local example I could physically check out and get inspected. I bought a set of Volk CE28s as I wasn't a huge fan of the previous wheels and couldn't be happier. Look forward to using the forums as a great resource for learning and inevitably more parts.

Some photos attached.


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Welcome to Prime! GPW is such a nice color on the NSX. The forum is here for you when you start the inventory of what needs to be done. :) Remember, these really are classic cars now- don't let the "it's a Honda" mantra fool you.
Thank you to everyone for the kind welcomes! I'll be collecting a bunch of maintenance parts over the winter hibernation so the car will be getting a refresh in the spring. Already miss driving it :(