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Drive-By-Wire Conversion

14 November 2006
Lake Worth, FL
Hey guys,

I need help converting my 1992 to a Drive-By-Wire setup. I have the throttle position sensor (which has a coiled spring like a throttle body and takes the place of the 91-94 cruise control motor/assembly). I also have the 95+ throttle cable.

The issue i'm having is figuring out getting the correct pedal linkages to make the pedal assembly work to PULL on the throttle cable from the footbox, rather than the 91-94 cruise control setup, which pulled FROM the front trunk area and caused the pedal to drop to the floor (to automatically accelerate the car).


-The cable that goes through the firewall connects to the 91-94 cruise control unit.
-The cruise control PULLS the cable (from the front trunk area)
-The cable PULLS on the arm that pivots and due to its connection, makes the throttle pedal go to the floor.

DBW Cars 95+:

-The throttle pedal PULLS on the cable FROM the footbox area. This is in the OPPOSITE direction from the 91-94 cars.
-The throttle pedal causes a different arm to PULL in the opposite direction, PULLING on the cable through the firewall (from the footbox) and thus making the throttle positions sensor (located in the old cruise control unit) rotate and compress the wound spring -like a throttle body. It has resistance.

All NSX's have the same part # for the throttle pedal and linkage despite the linkage being different. The drawing of this 2002 schematic is of the 91-94 cars:


I'm at a loss trying to figure out where to get the correct linkage to convert my 92 NSX to a DBW so it PULLS the cable from the footwell.

Please look at the attached images of the 95+ pedal assembly vs the 91-94 assembly. Any ideas would be greatly appreciated.

92 NSX (1).jpg92 NSX (2).jpg92 NSX (3).jpg

02 NSX (1).jpg02 NSX (2).jpg02 NSX (3).jpg02 NSX (4).jpg
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if you look at the pictures on ebay for the 17010-sl0-N00 for NSX-R, you can see they changed the design of the accel pedal from the pictures of the '02 you posted, maybe it's a ounce lighter? Instead of the cable pivot on the outside of that welded bolt head and bent inwards, they mounted the accel cable pivot on a second bushing that fits over the upper bolt in the bracket that used to carry the 'auto cruise arm' used by the 91-94. I put a pic on FB showing the '99 assembly that shows that angled bracket.
I just found out that RHD NSXR pedals don't work and have different geometry from LHD cars. Does anyone have a 95+ throttle pedal they are willing to sell?
It's unbelievable that it's this hard to find a throttle pedal from a 1995 and newer car. Surely 91-94 cars aren't the only ones to be wrecked or totaled...?

Does anyone know of a totaled 95+ car?