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Drive-By-Wire Preference????

14 September 2001
Southern California
I have my choice on a new NSX (largely because of price) to either at 93-94 but could do a 95 if anyone thinks that the addition in 95 of the Drive by Wire throttle sytem is worth a few extra G's. I'm gettting a manual so the Sportshifter isn't a reason to go with a 95. Any thoughts????

The biggest difference between the '93-94 and the '95 is that the '93-94 will be a coupe and the '95 will be the open-top NSX-T. Would you prefer the superior rigidity of the coupe, or the open-air capability of the -T? That should be your biggest consideration.
A convertible C5 is definitely more squeeky and less rigid than an NSX-T, no question. But the NSX coupe is also noticeably more rigid than the T.
Originally posted by WannaBe4Now:
Good point. The rigidity isn't the biggest concern but my friends Vette's T's would squeak like crazy. Did Acura find a way around this?


My '95 just starting squeeking this summer, but a little silicone and the Acura update stopped it. I had to do both to get it to stop, and since this is a non-safety TSB, Acura does not good will the fix, so be ready to shell out ~$250.

Gary Yates
1995 Red/Tan
So can I assume from the comments that no one thinks the drive-by-wire throttle is the best thing since sliced bread? Has anyone driven both and noticed a bid difference?

Thanks all for the T-Top comments. Good point about the C5.

Drive both and decide for yourself. You will get used to either one given enough time. I have a 1995, and I like the TBW...I think it is much smoother than the 1991-94 models, driven both back to back, but then again, I'm used to my 1995...if I drove a 1991-94 every day for a month, I'm sure I'd just used to that as well.

Also, for manual tranny NSX's, the 1995 has power steering...some like it, some don't. I bought a 1995 for the power steering, but since then I've driven several pre=95 manuals, and I like the non-assisted steering better.



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