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driving habits??

19 December 2001
lee's summit mo 64064
im just curious how everyone else drives on the streets. as a fairly new nsx owner im just too tempted to fly along at 90mph in a 65 zone. i love playing in the traffic to.

im pretty good about keeping it under 100 except for an occasional short burst.

does this sound like what everyone else is doing?? or am i the guy you would flip off??

this may sound like a stupid thread, but i am curious if this is a normal manifestation of nsxmania.

(no tickets yet)
Thats me baby!

Only when its safe though.I always try to look out for the other guy.


97 NSX-T
93 Supra TT BPU+
Never in traffic. I tend to go along with the flow.

But if the road opens up, I've been known to touch the triple digits...

-Bob ('94 #496)
Fear not....you are normal.

As far as triple digits, I max'ed at 163 last week. The roadway was four miles of flat straight smooth concrete with no traffic and no tee-intersections. The only animals I killed were bugs.
I must've been in a head wind, because the factory top speed is 168, right? Oh well, time for more boost.

Please...no comments on how I shouldn't be doing this. I have my parental units for this advice. Additionally, I was not "street racing" as in F&F.

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Here is my answer:


P.S. Based on the speed on the citations, they never timed us and had no idea how fast we were going. It wasn't that slow.
I usually stay a head of most cars on the highway but there are always a few that have to get to close for a good peek at the NSX that bothers me. As for opening it up i am very fortunate to have a lot of wide open country roads near my house and i absolutely love it cant wait for the snow to melt to get the NSX back out of hibernation.

Steven 91 Blk/Ivory
ok, im glad to know that im not exceeding the nsxer speed limit....

i am also very careful to watch the other drivers. i used to race dirt bikes and ride harleys so im used to watching out for obstacles/threats, especially other drivers. i watch for eye contact, look for them to see me etcetera. so i dont really feel like im being reckless or on the edge.

my last stint of fast driving was in 91-95 when i had my bmw 3series. surprisingly, this is a lot different. not too many cars tried to keep up with me back then. NOW, however, there is at least one car every 5miles that tags along. yesterday there was a camry, vette, bmw, and jaguar.

THAT seems to be the most potential danger, because now i have to continually check behind me. (i always did anyway, but didnt expect to have to be so vigilant when running 90)

oh well, thanks for the input
I never even touched the rev limiter officer?

I was just testing the new tranny and short gears officer?

But this car can handle it officer!(wanna try it)

Im pregnant and rushing to the hospital officer!(mr. xxxx your licence says male)
I know but do we have to get into the details about my gender?

There was some "big crazy dude" chasing me,did you see him?He said he was gonna kill me!

But officer,what about freedom of speed? Ohh, that's freedom of speech!Can we just let ME go and send the ticket to my English and Social Studies teachers from 4 rd' grade at Lincoln elementary?I still remember the address ansd the teachers names.....

I actually got the call that my wife was in labor early while I was in Port Hueneme, and nailed it up the 101 to Thousand Oaks in triple digits.
The Conejo Grade actually has a corner in it at 120!In general I go with the flow, but who can resist occasionally.
I ran up to 130 mph on the a highway in up state NY. I slowed down for two reasons, first, I was worried (for no pragmatic reason) that if I had a tire failure, things would have ended badly for me. Secondly, had an officer of the peace pulled me over, he would have beat me like Rodney King! I believe, additionally, that in NY, if you are caught driving unsafely (yeah, 130 mph can be viewed as unsafe) they conficate your car! Ouch.
Yeah, they try to take my car and you would see me on the tube. I am sure all of you would lobby for me after laying several officers out and making my escape. We could hide away at Road America with a lot of guns and make WACO look like a very sane place.
I really miss Phoenix - my average speed on the freeway was 80-90 - it was awesome. Fastest I've taken my NSX was 160 - that was my old '92 on the evergreen floating bridge in Seattle at 1am on a Monday morning. I was too 'concerned' to take it any faster.

When I drove my new '00 from Portland to Seattle, I caught up with a guy in a white mustang (yah, I know, but he was cool) just east of Palm Springs. This is no kidding - we did 110-120 all the way from Palm Springs to the outskirts of Phoenix. This was a few days before Christmas last year - we didn't see a single cop, and almost nobody on the road. It was awesome. The world seemed to move a little slower after that trip.

Here in Boulder, it's nearly impossible to open it up higher than 100 due to the poorly constructed road system. Stop lights and 1 laned roads are spiderwebbed through this area.

I sure miss those big open highways...

David Allen
'00 Silverstone NSX-T
Comptech SC, Headers, Intake, Exhaust & a little Mark Basch tweakage
Hey, as long as they are free of Safety Nazis, I'm game!

Where do you recommend?

David Allen
'00 Silverstone NSX-T
Comptech SC, Headers, Intake, Exhaust & a little Mark Basch tweakage
that was my old '92 on the evergreen floating bridge in Seattle at 1am on a Monday morning. I was too 'concerned' to take it any faster.

I understand the reasoning, no animals, crossing cars, etc, but no where to go if something goes wrong, but guardrail or water. Yikes.

Gary Yates
1995 Red/Tan