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Dyno Results for 3.2 w/9 lb. pulley?


25 November 2000
I've seen a number of posts indicating that a number of 3.2 litre NSXs have been supercharged with the 9 lb. kit. I spoke with Shad at Comptech and he indicated that they don't have a 9 lb. kit for the 3.2 litre engines because they haven't found suitable injectors. Am curious if the folks running the 3.2s at 9lb boost are having any air/fuel issues and what sort of RWHP they are seeing.
Not sure what the issue was. May have been electrical interconnect. At any rate, my 3.2 seems to lean out a bit between 7k - 8k with air/fuel ration going from between 12-13 in most of the rev range to between 13-14 at 7k+ (343 peak RWHP, uncorrected). Not sure if this is an injector, fuel pump, regulator, or ECU issue. Would like to do the 9 lb. kit though! Any info on suitable plug-and-play injectors, custom or otherwise, would be appreciated.
Peak torque was at 5.6k rpm (247 lb/ft), dropping approximately linearly to about 228 lb/ft at 7800 rpm. Peak power was at 7800 rpm. Car is all stock 99 NSX-Z coupe, 3.2 engine w/comptech s/c kit (6 lb) and smartenna (no effect on power/torque of course!).