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Engine / Trans Number Ranges by Year

12 February 2009
Kingwood, TX
Since the wiki isn't working for me at the moment...

Is there a listing somewhere that shows engine and transmission number ranges by year. I have a friend who is just begining his search for an NSX and wants to be able to eliminate trans/engine swapped cars.

The Wiki is working again .. but I don't think it contains what you want. Here's the closest discussion: http://nsxprime.com/forum/showthread.php?t=151931
I don't think I've seen anything on Prime in the last 11 years that would provide you what you're looking for other than a search of the Parts for Sale thread for either engine or transmission. There were less than 9000 NSXs sold in North America and very few have had engine failures so there really hasn't been much interest in documenting 'numbers matching' cars.
Drive train swaps like Ian pointed out are not that common.
Personally I don't see the issue in for example a swapped 5 mt (most common due to snap ring in certain trannys)

I recall having a list/chart from Honda lying around some where in my office with that information.
If you can find this, I will put it into the Wiki

I think the JDM Parts Books have this info. While it's for JDM cars, you can get an idea of which engine/trans number ranges correspond roughly to which year.
OK .. well I've tried some Google searches unsuccessfully .. where would I find the JDM Parts Books?

Yahoo Japan Auctions sometimes has them. They might pop up on eBay from time to time as well.
found them i got 90-01 inc NSX-R, NSX-S, Zero

I've got the one that goes to the end of the production run, but I won't have access to it for about 3 weeks. If someone wants to send me a PM to remind me, I can get the relevant info.
whats wrong with a swapped engine or tran? its not a lexus, or a toyota
its an NSX

I don't necessarily think there's anything wrong with an NSX engine or transmission swap, as long as it is fully disclosed by the seller. What any potential buyer is trying to avoid is paying top dollar for what he thinks is a pristine, low mileage vehicle when it actually has a 75k mile swapped-in engine (possibly needing maintenance that no one is aware of).
Knowing the applicable engine (and/or tranny) number ranges for each production year just seems like useful basic information to me.

Along the same lines, is there any way to obtain the original NSX build sheets from Honda which might list engine/transmission numbers and factory installed optional equipment by VIN? Mazda for one keeps those sorts of records and will provide them if you go through the proper channels.
We that data obviously exists in multiple places

Honda HQ (Tokyo)
Honda Tochigi/Suzuka factory's
Honda regional office (in US case that would be Honda/Acura NA hq in Torrance CA
For the European owners it would be Honda Europe GMBH in Germany

I do think that data can be received on a case by case basis.

Ian and I where going trough VIN, Motor and Tranny ranges yesterday and noted some interesting patterns.

As NSX engines and transmission are build individually from there Chassis.
Also because there aren't any RPO options on the drive train from Honda so there isn't any major variation.

Except for emission and two tune levels per main version (C30A manual, C30A Auto, C30A Type-R, C32B Manual, C32B Type-R)

Also snapring cases could have been repaired by just replacing the transmission housing. but retaining the original internals.
I've done it here as well.

For example with a classic American car there are quite a few RPO options for example a 427 with Tripower carb and intake or a 4.13 diff with a 4 spd.

A other method of fraud if your concerned about engine maintenance would be mileage fraud which is always a hazard although not that common to my knowledge on NSX.
Even more so if one would be so concerned about possible maintenance issues you can never be 110% sure if documentation is missing.
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