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Exotic Tool for Trunk Strut Replacement

21 May 2006
Basking Ridge, NJ
At 12 years old, it was time to replace the struts on my trunk lid. One challenge was how to keep the trunk lid up while removing the struts. I decided not to annoy my wife by having her hold the lid up, and so looked around for something to use as a prop.

Looking around my garage, I peered into the recycling barrel and found an amazingly simple answer - a 37-inch long cardboard tube from wrapping paper. :biggrin: You slip one end of the tube over the U-shaped latch on the trunk lid, then place the other end on the floor of the trunk. It was rock-steady and kept the trunk fully open with the struts virtually fully extended

The only caution is make sure the tube is reasonably study. Some can be rather flimsy. Not only did htis work well, the tube is so light that even if it falls it won't scratch or dent anything. This is such a simple solution, I'm surprised I have never seen it on NSX Prime before. (Or, I just never stumbled across it in a search.)

'96 NSX-T, red/tan

PS - I can't find the thread again, but one NSX Prime member suggested using two dental picks to pull out the retainer clips in order to re-use the old ball studs. It took me 15 minutes to understand his method and figure out how to do the first one; the second one was off in two minutes. Thanks for the tip - whoever you are!
Way to go. I think that you figured it out, not too hard. If you used my technique you would have gotten your wife or girl friend involved and you may have gotten hit. Glad that you are OK.
Brad (aka OLDMNSX),

Yes, it was your post that I used for instructions on how to remove the clips from the ball studs. So, thanks again for the very useful tip. :wink:

ALL my struts were shot when I got my car. It came with a tomato stake to hold things up.