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Drew's One Hour Builds

9 April 2002
New Zealand, North Island
My fuel rail regulator vacuum piping needed to be replaced as it broke into a few parts. It is made of black ABS and was super brittle, I tried to remove the tube and it just fell apart. So replacement was in order.

The part was US$15 on amayama.com, this was WAY more than this cheap ass bastard was willing to pay for a simple piece of rigid plastic tubing (admittedly with a small collar to ensure proper placement during assembly. This collar is completely unnecessary).

This price is compared to Aliexpress.com which competed offering 6x 500mm lengths of 4.5mm OD stainless for $5! I figured the weight difference had to be within a few grams, a weight penalty I was willing to pay for stainless bling, longevity, and the monetary savings that were realized).

You can even do your very own personal Group Buy. I have more extra than there are NSX's in this country...LMK if you need one.

Picture 1: The factory tube does have a slight bend which I was able to duplicate using the box end of a wrench to make progressive slight bends.
Picture 2: installed, without injector cover
Picture 3: final install view. For a fully stock appearance, the tube may be painted matte black. I preferred to express my stainless bling that is largely hidden so that nobody would even consider that this was even a flex.

After a new tube was installed the idle was much happier. And now this post exists.

(I need AliExpress to start giving me sponsor rewards.)


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Too blingy. I can't believe you didn't source it in black stainless! Now I have to take it and get it wrapped. And the weight of stainless! Not available in black anodized aluminum or carbon fiber (might be hard to bend)?!?

Seriously though, good call on the longevity. There seem to be a number of parts that are aging out, from this heat-cycled ABS, 30-year rated capacitors, window sliders, to a number of foam pads that I've noticed are losing their elasticity and just crumbling to dust like an old oil-soak foam air filter. (Glove box, center console, several others I don't remember specifically.)

Add "fuel rail regulator vacuum piping" to the title for searches?
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But, you added weight. Every gram counts on the touge! ;)

Then you better be staying away from the shortbread, turkey and pudding around the 25th.

A short piece of 3/16 OD copper nickel brake line might be easier to source and much easier to form than SS. The 3/16 is only a nudge larger than the 4.5 mm tubing. Hard to argue with the Aliexpress pricing, although I have found that what the vendors on Aliexpress sell as stainless steel is sometimes not so stainless. More like brushed common 1030 steel which should not matter for this application.
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