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F1 machines...not holding resale value???

25 September 2004
Here are some F1 cars for sale in Japan. I'm pretty sure F1 cars for sale in North American are about the same price because I saw one for sale on Ebay a while ago.

Why are they so cheap? These cars are not only chassis...engine, tranny and everything are in there!! :eek:

1990 Benetton Ford B190
approx $63,000


1994 Sauber Mercedes-Benz
approx $105,000


1987 Benetton Ford B187
approx $84,000


so if you wanna buy other F1 machines like Williams BMW, McLaren Honda, BAR Honda, McLaren Mercedes, etc...are they very cheap as well?

I thought F1 cars cost few million dollars each...why are they so cheap? Just because they're race car and not street legal?

I know that LeMans24 cars like Nissan R89C, Porsche 962LM, Sauber-Mercedes C9, Toyota 89CV, Jaguar XJR-12, etc...are still somewhere around $300,000 to $600,000.

I'm pretty sure JGTC NSX or JGTC McLaren aren't that cheap either...

Why F1 cars don't hold their resale value?? Do you have any ideas? :confused:
Because there's not much you can do with them. After a few years, they are useless in F1, at which point they have nowhere to race until they become legal for vintage racing, which generally 25 years old. So cars that are 5-20 years old are pretty useless for racing. They are either picked up by collectors or used as track day cars, neither of which demand all that much money.
Yeah, I agreed that these out dated race cars are merely Collector's items, all Collector's items, as in Watches, Jewelry, painting, etc... needs the history, who created it, and uniqueness.... These F1's, even they are still a F1, they are the back-markers none the less, thus, the demand of them is much less, thus the lower price. They also don't have any replacement parts nor anybody to maintain them... (you know Ferrari had a specialty team/shop to keep their vintage race cars run healthy, right?)