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Factor X Racing at Long Beach Grand Prix

19 March 2002
In a big building with many toys
For those attending the Long Beach Grand Prix, we will be racing on Thurs-Sat. right after Formula D. Its the top 10 Time Attack teams battling it out on the streets on Long Beach so if you can make it out you will see quite a show:biggrin:
:biggrin: I bought a 3 day reserved pass already!
BTW, is there any chance we will be able to see it in the pits?
After the Time Attack we will be in the autograph and display area. Hope to see you guys there. We're gonna let it all hang out!

P.s. If you dont see us there we will be parked at the Yard House going around the world:biggrin:
NSX Primer's meet up @ autograph and display area to see the Factor X car?? :biggrin:
I'll be there all three days. I fortunately live in the circular high-rise on turn nine:)
Good luck Billy!
Pics!!!!!!! I'm used to RSO 34's rapid pictorial responses
Congratulations on the win guys.