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Ferrari burst into flames at the gas pump....

8 May 2002
In a Iglo
A Bellevue man's Ferrari burst into flames at the gas pump, and it was all caught on tape.


news link



Gotta love the awesome ferrari wiring. :biggrin: At least hes ok.
According to the news report/fire chief, they said it was due to a leaking fuel tank(vapors), and the hot exhaust ignited it.
I'm glad someone here posted it. My wife told me that she saw it on the news, but I missed it. I was hoping to see it. Prime saves the day again!
I've seen that Ferrari locally when he drives thru a tunnel on I90, damn sweet ferrari sound. It just sad to see this happen.
Watching this news reminds me my own experience with my previous car. Someone dropped their bicycle from their bike rack in front of me on the freeway, and I was boxed in, so I ran it over. the Bike went under the car and stuck there, cut some hoses and the sparks ignite a fire. luckily I pulled over and got out in time. Yea, Xhit happens sometimes, I'm just glad to be alive.

comquat1 said:
Crazy! And that other static electricity behind her too was funny.

People like that annoy me for some reason....like, 'Look at me!! I am some dumb jacka$$ messing with some news people that are just trying to do their job,' and they keep going. It would make me laugh to see them getting their a$$ kicked by the camera man or other news person. :D
By the way...I feel bad for the guy with the Ferrari. That would be rough after spending so long restoring it. :frown:
If you are ever on the Ferrari board very much you will notice that those cars seems to catch fire more often than most. :frown:
Finally a real reason to buy a chrome fire extinguisher :biggrin:
Is it possible the ferrari owner did some bad re-wiring during it's reconstruction? His theory about pressure in the fuel tank seemed a little 'theoretical'

lol @ some of the comments here... :)