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Finally coming to Chicago for NSX work

17 April 2001
Hello everyone

I finally made an appointment with Mullers Woodfield Acura to do 4 things to my NSX:

1) Overall Inspection
2) Timing Belt and Water Pump
3) Window Fix-it Thingys
4) DC Sports Headers and Taitec Parallel GT Exhaust install

I have to be at Mullers Woodfield at 7:00 am April 18th and depending on how long it takes for them to do all of this, it may be done in the same day, or I have to spend the night in CHicago until April 19th. Ill be bringing my girlfrined with me, and I seriously do not know how Ill be able to fit her, the exhaust and the headers in the NSX together, but Ill come up with something. We will probably drop off the car, and my girly wants to visit the zoos around the area (Shes a wildlife nut, so am I). But if any of you Chicago NSXers want to meet for an hour or 2, that would be cool. If any one of you guys can even help out on the repairs (Probably only the window fix-it thingy) that would be cool too, save me some money, but its not a big deal.

Anyways, let me know your thoughts.


I think you need a roof rack
. I have not seen the Taitec exhaust, but I can tell you for sure you won't be bringing the stock exhaust home in the car!!!!! I would recommend you ship the stuff in advance to the dealer. I do not know where you will be shipping from, but using Fed-Ex ground it cost me $29 to send an RM exhaust from NJ to TX, that was 5-6 days. So for 50 bucks or so, you can enjoy the ride with your partner.

The window thingies are pretty easy to do IF you have to tool made for the job. Put out an inquiry on the "big list" to find out where the tool is that is circulating throughout the NSXCA. I used it about three weeks ago and it was off to Texas last time I checked.

Good Luck,

Hi Redeye,

Sorry I won't be around during your visit. I'm going to be at the track. Okay, so I'm not that sorry.
I'll catch you next time.

Originally posted by Redeye:
my girly wants to visit the zoos around the area (Shes a wildlife nut, so am I).

So am I. I've been to most of the major ones around the country, and I must say, the ones in Chicago are among the best - each with its own character.

Brookfield Zoo is the spacious zoo in the western suburbs. Lots of great exhibits, lots of natural habitats with re-creation of entire ecosystems.

Lincoln Park Zoo is the free zoo in the city. Despite the somewhat smaller space, it's also a wonderful place. Again, nice environments and such - check out the HUGE pool that the polar bears swim in, with windows to view from underwater.

Shedd Aquarium is the aquarium just south of downtown, between the Field Museum of Natural History and the Adler Planetarium. At the Shedd, make sure you check out the Oceanarium, a recreation of the Pacific Northwest coast, with huge pools where they train the dolphins and beluga whales; it's built facing Lake Michigan so it looks like the pools are part of the lake.

If you still have time, and you don't mind driving 90 miles north, the Milwaukee County Zoo is worth the trip. It's a spacious suburban zoo - like Brookfield, but even more spacious; you'll do a lot of walking there. Beautiful setting, nice zoo too.

Have fun.
Redeye for that job your car will be there all day I just had mine in for DC Headers,Rear Spool Valve,Rear Rotors and Pads and it was a 8am-3pm wait around $500 for labor. You will love the DCs I have the RM also it sounds excellent pulls like a Bandit to I'm very happy with them.

Steven 91 Blk/Ivory
Hey Steven,

What sort of things did you get with the DC headers? I Only got the O2 wire extensions (2 long ones, 1 short one), 2 steel ring gaskets for the headers, and 4 plastic ties. Was there supposed to be anything else that came with it?

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Your list of stuff sounds correct. You should make sure you have a set of exhaust gaskets for the heads, and you could replace the gaskets between the cats and the exhaust system, which will come apart to do the job. The dealer should have all this stuff at his disposal, but you might want to inquire about these things before the trip.

Redeye thats all I got and thats all you get with it...DC didnt even send me new Manifold Gaskets so they used my old ones when they installed the Headers.

Steven 91 Blk/Ivory