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First post! Need advice on a 91 NSX jh4na1152mt002564

7 April 2012
Los Angeles
Hello fellow prime members! I have been looking around on this site, through the wiki, and various other sources for about a year now trying to gain as much knowledge as possible on the NSX before making a purchase. I have to say that this is probably the best forum that I have even been to and all of you are great at contributing and helping out both current and potential owners. I am hoping that I will find the right NSX soon so I can experience all the joys that come with it.

I have come across a Black/tax 91 NSX on craigslist: http://sandiego.craigslist.org/csd/cto/2937240288.html

The seller is asking 19.5k, and it appears to have all the stock components on with little to no mods, he sent me this video he took of the vehicle: http://youtu.be/8nO6ahX20Hc

Couple of issues however: He claims that the ABS pump was working and then one day it started making a lot of noise and leaked fluid so he disconnected it. Is this something that can be easily troubleshooted, and if it needs replacing, is it better to just upgrade to the newer ABS unit? Also any estimates on repairing this type of ABS problem? (I saw in the wiki that replacing all 4 solenoids was about $2400 in parts)

Also, he stated "Once in a while and after the car is hot it takes 2 crank to started if you shut it down." Is this something that is normal or a sign of problems down the road?

He sent me the vin on the car: jh4na1152mt002564 but after doing a couple searches I can't find anything on it, although carfax says that it has records on it.

I would like to know if some of these issues are signs of major problems down the road, or if this seems like a fair deal is there a good place near San Diego that is good for an NSX PPI?

Thanks, and any help is greatly appreciated.

It is encouraging that the seller was upfront and honest about those faults. Without a proper inspection it is tough to say how much it will cost to fix, so leave a few thousand dollars in your budget to fix those, assuming nothing else needs done. I remember my 1991 needed about $2,000 or so to fix the ABS.
Welcome! I would try to work with this seller if I were in your shoes. He sounds pretty upfront, is willing to have it inspected, and the price seems fair. The car looks pretty good, and aside from the stated problems, has typical issues for the age and mileage (crack in dash, bubbled console, upholstery wear & tear, rock chips, etc.). The exhaust is definitely aftermarket. If you have patience and the funds to fix the issues, this could be a really nice NSX for you. A thorough & trustworthy PPI (w/compression test) is a must though. Good luck and keep us posted!
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Welcome to the site! As a potential new buyer, you might want to check out the NSX Wiki (off the red action bar at the top of most pages) specifically the section on Buying an NSX which has a lot of good info. There you will find information on things like how to check for the Snap Ring ser# range .. although if the car has that much mileage on it, it's probably not a problem.

The other thing you should be aware of is that the timing belt needs to be replaced every 7 years or 90k miles WHICHEVER COMES FIRST. So, technically, you should be coming up to the 3rd major service interval. The timing belt is supposed to be changed at the major service interval, not just inspected, so the "looked good" comment doesn't make sense. This belt is crucial to the health of your engine and going over the recommended interval is somewhat like playing Russion roulette.

But if the belt has been replaced recently .. it sounds like a very good deal assuming it has no accident history.
I would bet the ABS just needs to be flushed/cycled. The ABS unit gets gummed up from non-usage. Common NSX problem. Almost all can be fixed by a good flush.

Window can be fixed by cleaning/re-lubing the window channels.

Timing belt and water pump likely needs to be replaced if they only checked it at last service.

Radio or amp needs to be repaired(BrianK on this board repairs the amps and Willman's Electronics can repair the head unit).

The no start problem is likely the main relay which is another common NSX problem and can be fixed for about $60 or free if you are handy with a soldering iron.

I would double check the transmission number to make sure it isn't in snap ring range. They can fail even at higher mileage(mine was cracked but hadn't failed yet at 125K miles).

Overall it looks like a fair price for the minor issues it has. If everything checks out I would buy it if it were me.
Thanks for all the replies! I am hoping to be able to schedule something with the seller so that I can go down and see the car for myself.

Does anyone know of a reputable Acura Dealer or someone who has worked with NSX's before that can look at this NSX near San Diego? I also read in a couple other threads that a PPI runs around $150-200, is that still the current rate? I have never done a PPI so I'm not sure how it works exactly (do I setup a PPI appointment with the dealership first, and then have the seller bring the car to the dealership?)
The only place I can think of off hand is Autowave but they are in Huntington Beach(about an hour and a half north of San Diego).