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Found this interesting AD

17 February 2000
San Francisco, CA
Found this ad on James NSXexotic marketplace

"Factory built LeMans GT2 Car. Sister Car to 1995 winner. Chassis # TCP GT2 11. Carbon honeycomb chassis. Hewland 6 spd sequential gearbox. This is the real thing. Never damaged, only raced once at Daytona 24 hrs. Only serialled car in US. Too trick to believe... $ 250,000"

I emailed the guy and this is the picture he sent

And his email

The car can be delivered in roller or race ready condition. It is located
at our shop in West Palm Beach, FL. It is far too serious for street use.
There were only 11 real cars built and 1 is in Honda Museum in Japan. Two
others besides our car exist. The rest (as near as we know...)were
destroyed by Honda after their careers finished in Japan. I am enclosing



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Pretty cool,I know with that color(Race Me Red)it has your name all over it,huh Andrie?
Try to explain that one to your girlfriend.
haha Take it easy,Bruce
This car was built by TC Prototypes in England. The sister car is the Team Kunimitsu entry that won GT2 at LeMans 1995 pictured here

<center><img SRC="http://www.extendednetworks.com/nsx/images/KUNI.jpg" NOSAVE height=270 width=536></center>

correct me if I'm wrong, aren't the original Le Mans NSX that competed in 94 built by a German race shop?
Also, the car for sale is a 96 isn't it? Which means that it is far from being a sister car of the championship winning 95 car. In fact, at least in my eyes, the 96 and 95 cars looks quite different.
I know that the original 94 cars are built based on a stock frame work, not like the 96 cars which shares almost no parts with the street going NSXs. I'm not sure how the 95 cars were built, but they appears to be the modfied 94 cars.

Again, correct me with evidences that I'm wrong.

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Ok - I'll correct you <g> - the cars were BUILT by TC Prototypes in England - notice the TC in the chassis number? and entered (run) by Kremer - the famous German team mostly known for their work with Porsche.
Honda entered several different types of cars and I plan on doing a web page on them someday so I won't go into it too much here. The short version - some cars were almost stock and some were partially tube framed. Some had stock engine and drive train configuration while at least one had a twin turbo setup. I'll post here when the web page is up - I'm waiting on some material from Kremer.
PS: the ORIGINAL NSX LeMans entry was in 1993, not 1994. NSXs ran '93-'96, not all were factory entries. Here is a shot of the Kunimitsu car in the Honda museum.
<center><img SRC="http://nsxfiles.com/images/japan_museum_cars8_small.jpg" height=240 width=320></center>
PPS: If this was a Ferrari club board there would be 10 different "experts" debating which exact chassis this was, when it was built, modified, sold, wrecked, re-bodied, blessed by the Pope, etcetera, etcetera. I'm being sarcastic but, at the same time, if we NSX enthusiasts don't preserve the history of these cars they (it) will be lost forever. You want the NSX to have the same sort of mystique as Ferrari? The racing heritage is a big part of it and Honda have missed the boat on marketing using that pedigree. Nine years after the car's debut they have a "Zanardi" edition. OOH! Yeah, great, some F-1 hasbeen. Don't get me wrong - he is an awesome driver and a really nice guy - funny - interesting, etc. but why the hell didn't they market a "Senna" edition in the early '90s ????? Could have charged whatever they wanted...
lemansnsx makes a good point - there are entire websites, mailing lists, clubs, books, newsletters, etc. devoted to tracking the history of Ferrrari chassis serial numbers. They don't just track the race cars, though of course those are of special interest given Ferrari's racing heritage, they track the history of ALL Ferraris they can!

See http://www.barchetta.cc/english/All.Ferraris/summary/Ferraris.Overview.htm for an example of how seriously they take this.
A year or two ago I asked on the main NSX mailing list if there was a registry somewhere that I had missed and got absolutely zero response.
Regarding the fill cap question, I have one like that on my NSX and had one on my Beck Spyder. It is a pretty common mod in the import tuner world. You find a motorcycle gas cap assembly you like and have someone build it into the car. A bit tricky with aluminum, but it can be done. The Comtech wide body kit comes with one standard.
To correct and clarify something in my previous post: The information that I had regarding a 1993 entry appears to be incorrect. The NSX ran at LeMans from 1994-1997.
Arrgh - I really shouldn't post when I'm tired: What I meant was 1994-1996. Oh yeah, as far as I can tell, the NSX tested for LeMans in 1993 but did not compete.
To stir this in a different direction: What kind of idiot would pay $250k for this beast? It's a 6-7 year old race car that is not going to be competitive in much of anything. Also, as far as bang for the buck - you can buy used F1 cars for far far less than $250k!
An old IMSA GTP car would be more fun, easier to support, and more likely to be competitive in historic events. JMO.