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FS: 2000 Subaru Impreza RS, GC8, 2.5, all stock, Denver, CO

18 April 2006

I'm a stone's throw away from purchasing an NSX but in order to do that I have to make some room. Although I don't really have to sell my car, I am putting it up for sale because it may make my life easier financially once the NSX is acquired. I am looking at other cars too, like Evo, A8, AMG, M3.... but I'm pulling towards an NSX.

This is a 2000 Subaru RS 2.5 Sedan. It is completely stock which makes it a rare find as-is. I have owned the car for two years and a month and have had a blast owning it. Being that it is a N/A car, pre-Turbo era Subaru, it has never been in a race or abused in any way because it does not shine on the road. However, on dirt or snow, this is THE car to have. The only aftermarket parts are the stereo, because I thought that every good creature deserves an iPod hook-up, and JDM all-amber corner lights which look way better than that clear crap Subaru put on. (pics are before installation)

So here is the lowdown on the car, in usual format.
- Clear title
- I'm the second owner - The first owner was a young lawyer girl who was very mean to the dealer I got the car from (that's all I heard).
- 150,000 K miles.

The good:
- Timing belt replaced last year
- All maintenance since I've owned the car has been performed by ImportSports in Denver and documentation is available.
- Tires bought in February. They are Bridgestone with exception of one rear tire being Arizona brand because of a sidewall blowout, thread is closely matched so the car rides finem and grips like a maniac.
- Recent brake job, like two weeks ago.
- This last winter and early summer I replaced the radiator, all hoses and the clutch lines. Just because they LOOKED old.
- Had the dealer change the alternator and the battery when I bought it so that's all still new(er).
- Immaculate interior but I just threw away the mats that the dealer put it because they looked like crap.
- Car drives great, AWD is awesome, especially in Colorado
- Paint is pretty excellent for the most part but there are few dings here and there, nothing at all major. I will be buffing the car next weekend.
- Amenities are power everything, keyless entry, A/C, comfy original gray seats in excellent shape, sunroof, baby seat hookups, Alpine stereo with MP3, iPOd hookup, excellent sound.

The bad:
- The driver's window is a little uneven. I tightened it up but I think it may need to have the rails straightened and lubed. I roll up the last inch with the door open. Rear windows are good but sometimes, for some odd, unexplained reason, they roll up slowly.
- The armrest center console is loose, was like that from before I got it, never bothered me.
- A little shake while braking, coming from driver's side rear, I think it just needs a balancing. Nothing too bad and it's been there since I got the car.
- Rock chips on hood and front part of the roof typical of car this age. One rock chip in the driver's side fog light. Small scrape on the underside of the front bumper, practically invisible. Couple of other little dings but no major dents or anything, just look at the pics.
- Boxer engine pulls strong and works fine but burns a little oil. I was told by "Go Subaru" in Centennial CO that this is normal for the GC8 Imprezas and especially at this age. I've kept my eye on it and changed the oil every 2000 miles and never had a problem. Again, this car has rarely crossed 4K RPM, it's never been abused and it's only been pampered.

This car was driven all over CO with no issues. I love this thing but as I mentioned, I really want an NSX and the time is now. You won't find an RS like this. You won't find a seller like me.

I can comfortably afford this car and I think that keeping it will be a better idea because it's an RS - it's rare and it's completely stock... and I believe that Top Gear is right when they say that someday it may be a collector's car, a reflection of 90's Japanese glory. I am just working on my first NSX so not selling this will only delay me a couple of months. So please, no lowballers. I see these things sell at dealers for about 9-10K, same year, sedans.... This is above the blue book, I get that, but those who sell this car and those who buy it know exactly what they are getting into and what they are buying. I am asking $7,500 but I can afford a little lenience. Please PM me if interested, I am glad to answer questions and give more details, although the above is fairly accurate and to the point.

Thanks for looking and happy motoring!!!


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