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Fuel door

17 September 2004
Fountain Valley, CA
NE1 has a pix of the opened fuel door? It's supposed to hold the gas cap during fill-up, mine hasn't got anything to allow me to do so, maybe the tab or whatever that is may have broken? :confused:
I think you'll find that it does indeed work. It doesn't look like it would hold the cap (no tab or anything), but it will. Try it
The cap slides right into the holder on the inside of the door. I never use it as I find it's just easier to rest the cap on the engine vent at the base of the rear glass.
As I recall there is no gas cap rest or holder(like on an Integra) that I know of. I just rest it on the pump I'm pumping from.
There is no holder on the inside of my 91? I always rest the cap on the pump when I filler' up! Is it maybe found on the later years?

I'm telling you guys, its there. I have the oldest 91 on here and it has it. Look in your owners manual if you have it and it shows how to use it. Pretty cool, really. This was even claimed to be an "Easter Egg" in one thread, even though it is in the manual.
I have used mine since the first fill up (5 minutes after purchasing the fuel light came on! That was the last time I saw the light). I was so excited that I didn't check the fuel gauge before I stared the drive home.

I read about it here and it works! Magic :wink:
Found it! Pretty ingenious indeed! Just a little bit of playing around with the cap and what looks like to be a broken tab ( :redface: ) :biggrin: Thanks NSXBill2.
svalleynsx said:
Entirely possible some came with it, others didn't.
Nope. They all have it. But, as Bill notes, it just doesn't look like any kind of holder. Look in your owner's manual and you'll see what we're talking about.
For illustrative purposes ... :D


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Im pretty sure its on all years as my 91 does indeed have it.
It is molded into the gas door itself. All of them have it.
Wow!... Thanks everyone! I was always told there was on there, but thanks to CDX_NSX for the pictures! Now I know where to put the cap! :biggrin: