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Fuel pump, resistor, or relay issue, car won't crank over

19 September 2011
Chicago, IL
So my car won't start occasionally within the past week, became progressively more evident within the past day. Now I don't hear the fuel pump primed when ignition is 'ON' position. After a bunch of key turns, it'll eventually prime randomly. I feel like it'll just stop working soon.

Does this mean the fuel pump is out? If so, people (SoS also) recommend going with the Walbro 255 due to cost, but some say it'll be too rich for the motor. What else should I change while I'm in there, the fuel filter also right? What about the fuel resistor or fuel pump relay?

Car is an '95, all stock.
It could possibly be the crank or cam sensor. Does the engine keep turning over?
Do a search for main relay, ignition switch, & read the wiki. Lots of threads for this.
Yeah the engine just keeps cranking and won't turn over. But thays because the fuel pump isnt working, occasionally I'll hear it prime on and it starts just fine. So the main relay could have an effect on the fuel pump not working randomly?