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Fuel Pump

16 June 2000
30 miles from The Dragon. On the TN side of cours
My buddies fuel pump just went out on his 91 and we were discussing the option of replacing it with an after-market unit. He's spraying NOS and couldn't hurt to have a little more fuel pressure (or could he?)

I recently read an article about a product sold by Kenne-Bell called the Boost-A-Pump. Basically it's a small unit that is tied into the +12v side of your stock or after-market fuel pump. A small dash mounted knob allows you to control the voltage from 50 to 100%. Their claim is that you can control the voltage to the pump at all times, ensuring that you always have the max output potential of your fuel pump when needed.

My question to you is, is this an option worth looking into for the stock NSX fuel pump? I was told that voltage is varied to the NSX pump based on rpm, V-tec controller, or other, and that the increase does not happen until you reach 5000-5500 rpm. If this is true, is it not possible that fuel supply could be less than optimal below this point when spraying NOS or running a SC?

I know the RM 70 shot is very safe with the stock fuel pump. I did however get the chance to watch the car being dynoed with an air/fuel gauge in the tail pipe. When the NOS is initially engaged, the mixture tends to go lean until the fuel is recovered and the rpm start to increase. If the pressure was greater at an earlier point, would this not in fact help with this issue?


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I believe the Boost-a-pump is the unit Comptech uses with their supercharger kit. I was using it with my turbo, but switched to a Paxton when I really started needing a lot of fuel. If you want an out of the tank unit, there are many, many options. I think there are a couple of in-tank units that are available now as well, since it is a Honda unit. Perhaps Holley makes one.