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Got Broken Plastic Tabs?

30 March 2009
I pulled the glove box on my 94 to install the remote entry module.The two corner glove box tabs broke into pieces as soon as the screws were loosened. I know that I and many others have had the door panel tab issues. I am sure there are other pet locations for these plastic failures.
For no particular reason, the last time I ordered materials from Eastwood, I added in a package of their Plastex Plastic Repair materials. (Eastwood.com, Part #2002, GT Motorsports Plastex). I am very impressed.
With the mold building material, I built a mold for the replacement tabs. I filled the mold with the black powder, added the liquid, and created new tabs to replace the old. They are tightly adhered and can be machined (Dremel tool) to the proper shape and thickness and can be carefully reamed out (again, Dremel tool) for the proper hole size and location.
The black material is a good enough match for the black plastic. For the glove box I am going to add some black flocking to better match the factory material.
All in all, a successful repair experience.
Great info, thanks for sharing. Pics of the repaired tabs would be great too.

I'll get something posted tomorrow. Good point...to get some pics up.
Repaired Tab pics

About 7/8 of an inch of the tabs were broken off. They are completely solid, bonded, and structurally appropriate after the repair. Both sides were broken and fixed. Glove box is now reinstalled with no issues.


  • Repaired Tab 1.JPG
    Repaired Tab 1.JPG
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  • Repaired Tab 2.JPG
    Repaired Tab 2.JPG
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I have been using a Solider iron to re-melt plastic tabs and anything plastic for years makes it just as strong as it was before it broke.

but the glovebox hinges are made of metal I think so my trick wouldnt work.

nice DIY attitude though very nice.:smile: