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Group Buy Group Buy - Prospeed RDX injector& ROM tune kit

Are there any plans to do another group buy in the near term? I am very interested!
Thats 2 of us. How many more do we need to get a group buy going?
I'd be willing to do it as well...
How long does it usually take for people to install the injectors? Think I could do it in a parking garage without causing too much fuss?
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It took me a little over an hour, start to finish. The location of the fuel lines/rails make for a very easy install. All you need is basic hand tools and some good light to see what you are doing.

- Chris
I installed mine last night, it took me about two hours but I went very slow. Next set could easily be done in less than 1 hour. The car fired right up after about 5 seconds of the starter turning. Right away the car idled great and seems to run perfect. It was raining so I didn't get to go for a test drive but I look forward to taking the car out tonight!
You may need to change your name to why so fast ;) Well... Maybe after the turbo.
I am in for another GB.
hey jason, lmk how you like it. this will be my next power mod for sure.

Trung! You need to do this mod, I'll do a full review once I get to drive the car more but it feels much more stout. I only got to wind it up a couple of times, at WOT it was screaming, it felt like I was reaching the redline much quicker than before.
Is everyone still in? Is this going to happen?
Was really close to pulling the trigger, but the wife said I have spent enough on the car this year. Bummer :frown: Maybe winter time
awesome. looking forward to this. All my buddies that have them are pushing me to get them. According to them, it's a "MUST HAVE" mod.
looking forward to this as well.


Hi Guys,
I have decided to edit the groupbuy page and just use this thread to reduce confusion and clutter on the for sale section.

The cut off time is 2 weeks from today. The groupbuy will end may 6th. Please refer to the first page of this thread for all the details.

Once you have paid please PM me and let me know when you will send your ecu so I will be ready for it.

As of right now we have a total of 7 interested... if you're on the fence this is the time to jump on board. My costs have gone up slightly on the injectors so this price will go up.


Thank you again for showing such a strong interest in this amazing mod. I have some new and exciting projects coming soon so keep your eyes peeled! Thanks!


I just sent my payment! When should I send in my ecu?