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Group Buy Group Buy - Prospeed RDX injector& ROM tune kit

Payment and PM sent.
I have a 3.0 and a 3.8 stroked kit. Can you supply a version for the 3.8 also?

I would need to tune the car in person specifically for the 3.8. If you have a 3.8 now you should have an AEM EMS or something equivalent to it. Doing a custom tune is not a problem... but its best if you're in the so cali area for that.

Thanks guys for the payments!
bump! GB closes soon!!!
So after one of the longest effing Winters ever up in Minneapolis and a full 6 months of hibernation, I walk out to the garage tonight, turn the key and half a revolution later its started and purring like a kitten. Instant start, perfect idle and smooth as a baby. Of course before I added the Prospeed injectors, there's no way it would have done that. From cold it used to die at least once, surge idle and generally not smooth out for a few minutes. The instant start and awesome idle are welcome side effect to the upgrade, along with the performance.

Great product, and I highly recommend it. Nice work!

HI Guys! Sorry I've been tied up with school and finally have a couple of weeks to get orders and shipped out. I am having a year in sale on all products! PM me if you're interested. Thanks everyone for your patience. This is one of best NA mods around. Let me know! Thanks