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GT-One equivalent!


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18 September 2005
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GT-One equivalent!???

I have been in discussion with Nishimura San from Japan for the past couple of weeks. Through me, there is a chance we can offer Primers GT-One “type” parts.

Part of the discussion is the trademark issue, since GT-ROM owns GT-One name (from what I under stand), the manufacture cannot release GT-One named parts to other venders.

If we are going to create a new brand, the parts will have to be slightly altered to avoid any issues. For example: the support beams on the exhaust system will have to be at a different location. This is a common practice among JDM venders. You can find the evidence when compare GT-One to Route KS, or other JDM products; they look same, but with careful inspection, they are slightly different.

There is a second issue. The Yen/Dollar exchange rate has pushed the JDM part cost up by 25%, therefore, every thing is more expensive than six months ago - when GT-One parts were still widely available.

I'm at a cross road right now regarding this issue because unlike GT-One USA, who purchase GT-One parts in advance, and ship them through a container, reducing the cost, it is not possible for what Nishimura San can do, because financially, we're just not capable to stock let's say, 4 version 5's and sit on $10 grand until it is sold. Therefore, if this will work, each order will have to be process individually, and each buyer will have to pick up the shipping cost from Japan. The product will be shipped to the buyer directly, and will have to clear the US Customs them self. Unless it is a small item that can be shipped via USPS.

We are still tossing the idea around. At the end of the day, it will have to make sense to open up a new brand; we can't do that unless there are enough buyers (because the manufacture will required minimum obligations).

What do you guys think? I need some feed back so I can shoot it to Japan to have any shot of make this work. I figure there is a market for the Exhaust and header system, just matter of if the market is big enough.
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Whatever market there was for this kind of service wasn't worth Henry's time in Texas, and is now fighting against DJ's new angled-pipe-monster.

I am not sure this kind of venture would be worth your time... it seems like a bad place to insert yourself as a middleman, with minimal (and decreasing) profit, and potential for delays, drama, etc.

Many vendors, all going after the same 8500 cars with similar products and shrinking profits.
market is too small, not many people will spend 2.5k on an exhaust imo, just look at the handful of people who have it now
+1 scorp....
i guess if you wanted to sell 4-5 units it would be something to look at.....
8500 cars built, 3% wreckedor gone....
of the remaining ya figure 1/4 to 1/3 will "mod" the car....so maybe 2500cars...Since the the car is now 2-3 years out of production ya have to figure most of those 2500 people have already done an exhaust...whats left? 10% ??? how many would ya get of that?

IMO you could maybe make/ship 50 units max. so whats that? $125K?
in buisness over a couple years?...@ a 20-25 point margine?

might be worth it..:confused:
Big Vance.....good to see you're back :wink: :wink:

about the exhaust thing... i would be interested in a exhaust like yours and GT-One F1 headers...that is the setup my friend here have, and the setup i want :wink:

i would prefer the tips straight out the mufler and to the back, instead of yours that it drops and then the tip come upward in a DTM like status :tongue: (this is due to the plans i have to a bumper integrated custom back diffuser)
Not worth it…. That's what I was thinking. Nishimura San however, is pertty enthusiastic about finally having his own performance parts. I suspect that it is too late for him to do it in Japan since there are at least five venders with similar products already.

I read about Henry's reason on his thread and I have further confirmed my suspicion regarding GT-ROM's internal problems. I can't disclosed in detail but what I can say is, they may not be in business soon due to debt issue. Therefore, the brand GT-One may not be available PERIOD. Perhaps I can disclose the issue when the time is right; I don’t want to damage GT-ROM in any way if they can get out of this financial jam and get back to normal. One thing I can say is, even in Japan, the NSX after market parts are drying out because there are less people who want to mod a car that is no longer in production.

This is part of the reason why Nishimura San wants to utilize this opportunity to step in as a GT-ROM replacement before some one else does.

As for the worthiness, I'm fully aware of the time requirement since I have done some small deals for him, and trust me, I know, the profit on my end is almost none existent. I just hate to see one of the best NSX after market product to be permanently discontinued.

For most part, I want to see them continue to be made so future NSXers will still have a chance to have some quality JDM NSX R parts. They are in many ways, more superior than the domestic makers.

I guess Nishimura San should wait till the fate of GT-ROM is known before making a move. OR... He already knew, that's why our discussion is in progress.

Regardless, if we're going to set up a system, I'll be the middle man and every thing will be shipped direct to the consumer; the benefit of this system is, the parts can be shipped world wide.
But Vance, if GT-ROM falls....the GT-ONE brand can always be bought, and then continued....

i think it would be easy for Hitoshi to recover from his misfortunes if we had some kind of guarantee that the parts would be deliver after paid...but i think that only would be possible if he sent them and we paid after receiving them...long shot, and i feel he would never do that :wink:
My thoughts:

1) scorp is right, if it didn't work for the official outlet, why should it work this time for a clone or knock off or whatever you want to call it?

2) $2-$3K is a lot of money. It could go a long way for other car related items or non-car items like food, housing, and insurance.

3) $2-$3K for a friggin' muffler!!?? I know they look & sound nice, but come on. Why do you think people make their own from a magnaflow or something? Show me why your development costs (I'm guessing low here if the design is long established), materials, labor, & overhead (jig fabrication, facility, etc.) actually lead to a cost of that much & I will consider paying it. If this price exists because it happens to be going on an NSX then I feel like I'm being gouged which leads to my natural response of "screw you". Nothing personal, I'm the same for dealers that charge over sticker.

3) I can understand not wanting to stock $10K in inventory waiting for it to sell. However, that is part of the cost of doing business. If you don't want the inventory, then consider not getting into the business. Personally, if I just dropped $2-$3K on an exhaust, I'm sure as hell expecting rapid delivery (1-2 wks max).

4) Are there no welding machines in the US? Are there no welders in the US? Could you not make them here? Could you not fly the guy over for a month & make a bunch here? Gets around customs & waiting.

5) For the price tag on these there had better be huge weight savings & noticeable power gains (on stock NA2 manifolds). With real numbers to back up the claims.

6) What would the same thing in titanium run? Partly for weight savings, partly for bragging rights.

7) If making direct bolt on versions for the various years is prohibitive, include necessary adapters at a nominal cost. Also make the option of replacement hardware available at purchase since some people will probably have to cut off bolts & any gaskets might not be reusable (if it requires any, never had my exhaust off). If that isn't possible at least steer people to the correct Acura part #s so they can order replacements ahead of time.
I would for sure be interested in purchasing a GT-One v5.1 Stainless steel single tip for my NA2 "LEV" type as well as a set of bypass pipes.

So if you do this, you have one order guaranteed.

I know there are others who will step up and confirm their intent too.

Please let me know how this all goes please and thanks.

I'd be in for a quad-tip 5.1 for my '91.

I was having some good correspondence with Hitoshi about a month ago, but I have a feeling that is done with.
I wanted to get the GT-One but decided to get the taitec GTLW due to weight and cost. Now that I am used to the taitec, I would not mind getting the titanium V5.1. Did they make that with dual tips or only quad?
Funny, when GT-One announced no more products, then suddenly everyone decided they wanted a 5.1:rolleyes:

Everyone wants what they can't have :wink:

This is what happened with the tubi exhaust in the past. Cost went up after a special batch was made when everyone wanted one but not many stepped up to the new price.

Vance, it'll work if you sell way above what it was but doubt many will cough up 3-4k for it.

Maybe someone will make knockoffs soon like they do for headers lol.
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I would for sure be interested in purchasing a GT-One v5.1 Stainless steel single tip for my NA2 "LEV" type as well as a set of bypass pipes.

So if you do this, you have one order guaranteed.

I know there are others who will step up and confirm their intent too.

Please let me know how this all goes please and thanks.


I think LEV type only matter if the cats are on, the exhaust will fit if you have straight pipes.

I also think everyone that wants one should really listen to it in person...it may not sound like the sound clips people have heard due to various recording devices. My sound clips do not sound anything like others imo. Some of the clips are cars w/ supercharger setup which makes it scream.
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