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Hardwood Floor Help!!!

28 December 2001
Berwyn, PA

My wife has been wanting to get a hardwood floor on a section of the house which is currently carpeted (basically a straight hallway). I want to do it myself, but I have not done any house work.

How easy is it?
Where do I find "hardwood"? Home Depot??

Any help or comments would be appreciated.
It's very easy to do. Look at lumberliquidators.com. Much greater selection and better prices than Home Depot.

Not too bad. should get a power saw to make cuts faster. I much rather install wood than to tile..
Thanks, guys!
The hardest part about installing hardwood floors is making sure that your first course is straight. If you can get the first one looking good, then it will just fall together. But if you don't, then every course after will be screwed up. In a new house, where the walls should be pretty square, this isn't much of a problem, but if your house is older and out of whack, this can take some time. I did my living room about 4 years ago, and I'm happy.
If you are talking real tongue and groove, check out your local lumber supplier. Most local places should be able to compete with online places especially if you offer to get your nails from them as well. They should have real samples of the wood plus there's a good chance that they'll have boxes of it in stock that you can inspect prior to buying.

They'll also be able to walk you through the whole procedure. When I did my house I got use of the nailer for free since I got my wood and nails from them.
I just installed t&g prefinished hardwood flooring in my kitchen. There are alot of options out there for you and take the time to do your research. You might even consider a laminate type product where there is real wood on the top surface that is laminated to plywood type wood on the bottom.

That type of product can even be refinished one time if needed. You don't need a power nailer to install, it just gets glued together and is a "floating floor". The only reason I went with the more traditional 3/4" t&g is I had to match up the existing floor leading into the kitchen. And yes a power miter saw is a must!

good luck