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Has anyone ever tried to mount gauges under the ash tray door?

22 November 2001
I've been spending a lot of time looking at my car trying to figure out where to mount two gauges. I want them to be hidden or look like they belong in the car. I don't like the look of the A-pillar pods. I've seen a custom panel done my Mark Basch that replaces the entire ash tray. It looks great and is probably my best option at the moment. I'm not sure yet what I would make it out of.

Can I take this one step further and mount them under the ash tray door? I disassembled my center console tonight and removed the ashtray assembly from the console. The door is part of the ash tray and can't be removed and used without the ash tray.

Does anyone know if I can fit two gauges inside where the removable ash tray part comes out? Has this been done? The hole is a little over 1 5/8" high and 3 1/2" wide. Does anyone make a 1 1/2" fuel pressure gauge and boost gauge? My brief search tonight turned up nothing. This would be cool if I could get it to work.
I'm pretty sure I've seen pictures of NSXs with a gauge or two mounted in there. I will look this weekend and see if I can find them again since nobody else has replied.