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Help, trouble after clutch replacement

12 May 2007
Wichita, KS
Well me and some friends put in a new clutch, master and slave cylinder this weekend. The car has problems going into any gear now, and will not go into reverse. We've tried initializing the clutch a few times, and have bled the clutch alot. But the problem is still persistant. I can manage to get it into 1-4 gear with some effort, and i've noticed that with the clutch pedal to the floor and in any gear it will start moving without any gas, which leads me to believe that the clutch isnt fully dis-engaging. From what we can see the slave cylinder is only moving the shift fork about 1/2 to 3/4 inch when pressed. Any thoughts?
nevermind, 27 hours worth of work and finally its done. Had to reinitialize the clutch and boom its fixed