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Help with seat question

15 June 2002
Palm Beach Florida
Can you put the front of the seat down so the whole seat is almost flat and not like a bucket? I have a bad back and am worried about the seat on longer drives. Putting the front flat helps my back. I had to pass on a 911 Turbo because I couldn't put the seat front down enough.

I can't test drive the NSX long periods to find out for myself.
No since the NSX is mid engine vs rear engine 911 the NSX does not have as much behind the seat space. Unlike front or rear engine cars not many mid engine cars have enough space to lay the seats down

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Me too#.......
I only had mine for a few months but my butt feels like it's sinking in too deep into the seat. Seats are very comfy but I am too keen on just falling into bucket seat. Sadly there is no height adjustment.

I just picked this up at local Staples for about $12 today. Feels pretty decent and front visibility is even better since you are sitting about 2" higher than before (in the back) which mimics having a flat seat. It's ugly but I think it may help with anyone with lower back issues and avoid feeling like you are sinking into the seat. One draw back is that seat won't feel snug / holding you in place during cornering etc.

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None of the NC1s have a front bottom cushion that does anything other then go forward and backward. The power seats do have adjustable lower back bladders ( lumbar) that may help in that situation. The rear fusion has some adjustment. I find these seats to be extremely comfortable. However everyone is built differently. What you would love our my Volvo seats that adjust in every way you can imagine.

You may be able to have a good auto seat shop customize a seat for you.
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