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Hesitation in cold weather.help

7 July 2012
Kelowna BC
When the air is cold out my car hesitates or what feels like "misses" at partial throttle at low rpm. (around 3k) Anytime I place a load on the engine such as accelerating it runs just fine. My itr used to do this too before I sold it but I want to get this figured out any ideas? In warm weather it has no problems at all.

The NSX does have a little unevenness at 3000 rpm that some people notice. When its cold out the motor mounts are stiffer so you are more likely to feel it.
You could try reentering the motor mounts. Loosen the through bolts on the front, rear and trans mount, start and rev the motor a couple of times and then re-tighten.
Ok I'll give it a try- do you really think this is the cause? It's not like a constant rattle or vibration or anything it's like a "blip" in power for a millisecond then it's gone for a few seconds...
Dude, you are experiencing the mysterious 3,000 rpm hesitation. People have spent a ton of time, energy and cash trying to solve this mystery. Some folks get lucky and it's as simple as a bad coil, while others replace everything with zero luck. My car has had this problem intermittently for eight years now and it pisses me off every time it does it, but I am not about to chase my tail on this one. If I lived near a competent shop like Larry, SOS, etc..., I would simply drop it off and say fix it!

I wish you luck and hope you are able to resolve this easily. However, in the mean time, simply let the car warm up before heading off. Not a very proactive solution I know but it does work.

Well I am somewhat of a perfectionist but I can live with this one.Unless I can get it diagnosed and fixed in one easy and relatively affordable step otherwise Ill spend my time and money elsewhere on the car. Thanks guys!
Disconnect one 02 sensor, easiest is rear primary, back of rear valve cover, passenger side, grey 4 pin connector. Start the car. When you get the CEL to light, go for a drive. Report back;)

First I have to get my front o2 sensor replaced its showing cel right now. then i can start with a clean slate- this in iteself may fix the problem welle see. if it doesnt I will follow the previous post advice.
Ok so I replaced the 02 sensor and it runs perfect. Seems like it has more power too. The reason I had not changed it yet is because it broke the fist week I had my car like two months ago. So because the car was new to me I noticed no difference at that time. In fact the acura master tech said "dont worry about it it wont affect anything" What an idiot. And shame on me for trusting that statement. Anyways a new 02 sesnor from a Canadain dealer is 720 bucks. I ordered a pair from sos for like 140. Found a new shop to deal with and had it fixed.