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Hey just a few questions...

15 February 2001
Miami, Fl
Hi guys, my name is Jorge I am in Miami, Fl, and I just purchased a 1991 NSX. I traded in my M3 and now I am in love with a new car. It has headers, a different exhaust, and an RM Racing air filter. It also has Fikse 17x7.5 or 17x 8 and 18x10 wheels. What do you guys suggest doing next? Reprogram the ECU, short gears,???

Congrats on your new purchase! Why don't you drive the car around for a few weeks to see what you like/don't like. At that time, you'll be able to make a better assessment of what to change. Short gears is a great upgrade. While your at it, change the R&P, flywheel and clutch. You're only restricted by the thickness of your wallet. Have fun and enjoy your new car. Post a few pics so we can check it out.

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About how much am I looking to spend on the short gears? That right now is my main problem, when I shift from 1st to 2nd at WOT, the RPMs drop to about 5,000 which takes you completly out of the VTEC.
Go to www.daliracing.com to check on the pricing for the short gears and R&P. I beleive Mark offers the most complete kit.

Once you get eh parts price you can either plan on the tear down yourself or at that point check around for labor costs. Remember some dealers/mechanics will not do the job if you buy the parts, but this will give you a good basis for comparison shopping.

My guess is:

$900 R&P
$950 short gear set complete
$600-800 labor
$1250 for a clutch since once you have the trans out it will inevitably be suggested you do that too.

Also make sure you look at the special deals from "Mark and Mark" on the Dali site. You can ship your trans to Mark Basch and he will blueprint it with the new parts at a very reasonable price. He offers ala carte and complete packages!!

There is a very good NSX Master Tech in Miami. If you are interested, I will get you his name and number. He will save you some $$$ and do a great job. He has a lot of experience working on NSX's.