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hey new to the forum and owner

4 April 2008
san gabriel
Hey everyone just jointed the nsx forums and nsx family :) great to be here i just picked up my 04 nsx in november off of ebay it was crashed :/ but got her fixed and she is better than b4 enjoy these b4 and after pix.




if this doesnt work its because i dont know how to post pictures :confused:
from the pictures it looks like you did a good job. thanks for saving a nsx from going to the bone yard and welcome.
looks great!!!

It does look great! Thank you for saving this beauty!

The first photo is quite hard to look at: "Poor baby!", so I have taken upon myself to release a censored, less graphic version for the kiddies below ;-).

HAHA yea i couldnt let this beauty go to waste so i saved her i spentover 15 grand to fix her ill post more pix of the process that she went throw











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Nice work, I like the original body and lights you used. Did you have to replace the steering wheel? (air bags)
Thank you for pics and congratulations for beautiful work!
the images make it possible to see the interior of the car, it is interressant has to see! :smile:
that is worth the sorrow to repair such a beautiful car.
I wish you the welcome on site NSX
good road! :smile:
Wow, you have done a great job with fixing the car.

Looks like a VERY professional job.
Could you tell us a little more on what whas exactly needed to get the car fixed.
It looks like you had to partially replace both the front chassis bars which probably meant that some expert welding was involved in the process.

Also, what kind of accident was the car in that both chassis bars were bent? Those chassis bars are normally found to be very strong on a NSX. Did your shop have any comment on the construction of the NSX??

All in all, an excellent job.
the car was parked during the crash so the airbags didnt pop so i was lucky on that i bought the car from ebay after the crash. i only replaced one chassis bar the passenger one the driver side was perfect. i had to find a professional welder because the its aluminum and that type of petal is hard to weld so yea it took 2 months for the car to get fixed but well worth the wait the body shop did a great job! the shop was real happy with the way it came out I took it into the dealer and they couldnt even tell witch is the best part of the hole story:smile:
Congrats and welcome to Prime. Looks like you are very happy with the body shop that fixed your NSX. Who did you used?
wow, the car was properly repaired, you sectioned out the rails and everything, and did a good job on the apron. Hell if you offered to sell me that car for what you paid + what you invested in it, I wouldn't even think twice about it.

if it isnt a mid-engine car then its not a sports car to me..right? lol yea i got the car fixed at a shop called GT1 in hacienda hights in socal. they took a long time but well worth the wait you cant really rush good work :) but as far as selling i donno someone would have to make me a good offer for me to walk away from my ladie.. lol i do have all the paper work from all the parts and stuff plenty of pictures so if i ever do wana sell it, its all on file you know... but hey guys let me know if there is any socal meets i would love to be a part of all the events that are local.