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History of Honda with NSX on Hint!

24 March 2002
Glendale, Az, USA (97-T)
The NSX wishlist on the D-tivo picked up this show tonight! One hour long on the history of the Honda company -from motor powered bicycles to our NSX. Not the greatest from the NSX standpoint, but WWO IMHO!
(that's Worth Watching Once...)

It was only on twice (tonight and at 1 am PST). I did catch it, so if anyone needs a copy on VHS, I can do that for the cost of a tape and postage. I'm not a video production house and can't make VCD's so try to make your own copy if you can! Don't know if I will have macrovision issues copying it yet...

I searched into the future guide and it's not on again for at least a few weeks.

Overall it was interesting. Let me know if you want to check it out! Perhaps someone with the right equipment can make a streaming video or avi out of it.


We just need a better copy with better sound!
Darn! I even searched the forums to try to avoid posting something that everyone else already knew about! Oh well. I did see that gallery mpg once before, but I couldn't stand to watch it because of the audio stuttering! I never made the connection that it was the show that I had recorded.

Oh well happy NSXing!

That particular video is available for sale on Amazon. I just got my copy about a week ago...