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HKS vs Dali Coilover vs ???

14 April 2004
East Bay Area - CA
OK I just got new wheels - OZ Supperleggera 17" & 18" with 215/40 & 275/35 tires. :biggrin: I have a 91 with 95k miles, which is a daily driver over not so smooth back country roads. I need new shocks and I am looking to lower the car a little (tailored for a moderate driveway). I do not want a race suspension so please do not recommend Tein - they are just too stiff. I like the idea of corner balancing and dialing in the ride hieght for my driveway. I am considering either the HKS or the Dali coilover kit with Bilsteins and Dali progressive race springs.

I need some advice:
Anyone who has the HKS - how is the ride compared to stock i.e. comfort (I assume it handles as well if not better)? What about noise factor? Apparently there are some threads that indicate non stock shocks bang alot.

Anyone with the Dali Kit - Does it work well i.e. well designed, well engineered, good form, fit & finish? Also any noise issue? What about the ride comfort?

Finally the HKS cost about $750 more than the Dali - are they worth it?

Any other suggestions?