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Houston area breakfast Feb 3rd

26 September 2003
EDITED: Sorry. My mistake. The Westheimer location does not open that early for the brunch.
We are going to Chachos again. 8AM

6006 Westheimer near Fountainview, Houston Texas 77057
Phone: 713-975-9699
Fax: 713-975-9537
E-mail: [email protected] (wow, they have an email address?)

Please pass the word.

There is not a drive planned so this will just be a meet to eat some breakfast (they have a good buffet I hear) and a chance to shoot the sh!t. For those who do have time, we may just go for a cruise. Should be done well ahead of time for Superbowl festivities.
If you have any parts lying around, it might be a good chance to unload it too.

So, now, who's in?

1. Matt_337
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1. Dennis
2. Zishan
3. Matt_337
4. Henry
5. Jay
6. Ty
7. Otie
8. Scott
9. Fastrunner
10. Rahim
11. SamBel

I should make this one if I don't have to teach class that day.
1. Dennis
2. Zishan
3. Matt_337
4. Henry
5. Jay
6. Ty
7. Otie
8. Scott
9. Fastrunner
10. Rahim
11. SamBel
12. Norm

I'm in!
94 Red
I do have some parts for sale that I can bring to the meet.

All of these items below are very well discounted, some even below cost- *Local pickup only please.* Please pm or call for pricing..

- 02 NSX-R hood FRP (a little crack from shipping damage, easy fix)
- GT-One NA2 front lip (Crack on the side - shipping damage)

- GT-One F1 Header NA1 (new)
- GT-One Front lip (CF and FRP) (new)
- GT-One SideSkirt (new)
- GT-One Rear valance (new)
- GT-One 02 front bumper (new)
- Excedy dual carbon clucth with lightweight flywheel.
- GT-One N1-Exhausts

Comptech Exhaust NA1 - $375
Put that Comtec on temorarily.:biggrin:
:biggrin::biggrin::biggrin: ...
After the show in March, I might put my whole exhaust system for sale -GTOne Header, Testpipe and Exhaust ---
I just can't turn that fat wheels with naturally aspirated anymore... think 'Snail' will do the job?

Edit: I wanna add 'Sorcery CF Door sills' for sale.
Clean up your cars. I am having a guest photographer come out for this meet. See ya Sunday.
Don't say the R word.

I'm thinking after breakfast, we head to Uptown Park for a shoot.

Let's cross our fingers.