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Houston NSXer's Breakfast


Oh yeah! Mmm... That's wut i'm talkn bout! Randall... Keepin' it realz!!
Yeah, but surely everyone with a stock exhaust is using that as their avatar already, right?

(Cricket: chirp chirp chirp)
Z, my ears are still ringing from driving behind you. Henry, your cars is soooo wide, it takes up the entire lane.:wink:
wish i can make it but my ride is still in the shop, i will be there soon...


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    nsx in bodyshop 002.jpg
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Better late than never .. :) .. Here are the photos.
The complete album can be accessed here.



Randal's chicken ..



Some looks of amazement around Henry's car :)


One of the two cars with the battlestar galactica exhaust



Some of the participants

Cheers .. Gus
Great shots, Gus! Thank goodness someone showed up with a camera.

The chicken was there to lead probing eyes away from that engine cover.

Top Ten Excuses For the Engine Cover:

10. The car is a real P – magnet – Pussycat, that is.
9. The shag look is in
8. I always wanted to give my car a Brazilian. Now’s my chance.
7. The hair gives the fleas a warm home
6. You guys who bought used don’t know that cat hair comes stock
5. You should see the dog doo on the spare tire
4. Why is Z standing way to the side and whistling?
3. Gus used his mad photoshop skillz to put the hair there and make me look bad.
2. I spilled my Rogaine on it.
1. It diverts attention away from the exhaust.

I feel pretty good about posting this up because I think people are through looking at this thread and have moved on to other things.

Chirp chirp chirp