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How is the NSX as a daily driver? both stick and auto

I use mine as my daily driver (92 Red/Blk 5sp). Relatively easy to drive in traffic compared to other sticks. The trunk fits most of the stuff i need (groceries, etc). Haven't gotten much rain here in Texas but it was fine in the stuff we did get. I love it and it is too nice of a car NOT to drive everyday.

92 Red/Blk
I've been trying to make my car a Garage Queen, but so far no luck. I take it out every chance I get. The trip to the ATM turns into a 2 hour ordeal through the winding mountains which in NO way are even close to the ATM. The car drives very quietly and very nicely through traffic, and is great even in bumper to bumper traffic. Like erobbins wife says.. "It drives like a Honda". So true.
Makes going to work enjoyable- coming home even better! No, road rage. Mines an auto perfect for the daily I85 southbound.
The car is simply magic to drive. I can't image not putting a couple hundred miles a week on the car. I know some list members have early 90s models with less than 10k miles on them. I don't care how much my car loses value because of the wear and tear and high mileage, this car was meant to be driven.

Buy one and you'll look forward to getting up, even on Mondays.
I use mine as a daily driver and couldn't imagine NOT driving it every day.

It's a car with two distinct modes of operation...casual and spirited. To switch on the spirit, simply rev towards the red line.

Shifting is smooth, the stick's throw is nice and short, and the clutch was easy to manage from the get go...with the top off, I don't even mind driving in traffic all that much.

And I saw an older NSX with 190,000 miles on it the other day...supposedly STILL running strong and relatively problem free! Go Honda!

--akira3D ('00 NSX-T red/black #113)
"Reality is better than the dream..."
Ever since I bought my NSX it has only sat in the garage for more than 24 hours ONE time... that's a miracle because I look forward to driving it every chance i get... of course it's kinda limiting sometimes in social activities because of the 2 passenger limit.. but hey i bought the car for me... not anyone else!
I have only found myself in the rain a few times... one time it was a torrential downpour on the interstate.. leaving 2-3" of water on the road all at once... people were pulling off the road with their hazard lights on while i passed doing the speed limit easy without any feel of hydroplaning at all.. the only other person that wasnt pulled off the side of the road was a CLK 430 (another car i'll have in the near future) and he was haulin ass.. of course my NSX's wet traction can be attributed to the sumitomo tires i have... they are like knives thru the water on the road! anyways....i've been more than happy with my NSX... no complaints here.. and that's saying ALOT because i'm a very picky person! happy NSXing!
i've had my 2000 for ~4 months now, have just over 8K miles on it and as a daily driver, it's just lovely... absolutely lovely. my work commute is ~miles roundtrip, but somehow i manage to work in all sorts of other trips (tahoe this last weekend, last month hiway1/Big Sur to so cal).

thanks to the bearcat/V1 combo, as part of my car's daily exercise routine it gets wound up to 110-120mph each morning en route to work. once i get the comptech thing done, i expect it'll get even a bit quicker workout....

daily driver? sure - it's a *honda* :>)