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how many in houston ?

15 May 2009
how many NSX's are in the houston area :confused: there spotted all over town !, how could you find out. I see around a half of dozen in the clearlake area alone. there must be at least 30 or more.
He said he knew a guy who ran the report a couple years ago. You were sitting next to him... you heard it too right?

LOL....I know it's hard to believe, but i got that number from a local prime member who works in the department. i will contact him on monday to get a current count. :biggrin:

BTW, i saw a few around my area 1960/249 but just did not post about them.
It could be Texpo!:wink:

That sounds good too. Someone need to plan things out.

We can have a track event....
Dyno day
Cruise from houston to Austin to San Antonio and have the last night in San Antonio at the river walk or something along those lines.
I'm game, but how do we round up those dirty vermin that don't log on to NSX Prime!? :biggrin:
If someone can find out the regristration info then get a mailing address and we can send em invites.

I have cards ready to send :tongue:

And I'll send a picture of me, to any female owners.