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How not to park your F360

3 June 2005



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Re: How to not park your F360

holy smokes. how does that happen???? imagine the call to the claims adjuster...
I'm thinking it was the parking of the F150 that was the problem .......

Notice the garage door in between the Ford & the Ferarri - somehow the F150 was out of control & launched through the garage door which helped to "ramp" it up over the Ferarri rather than just straight through the rear.
I see it was in Arkansas. You might be a redneck if you park your F150 ontop of your 360. :biggrin:
I'd still hit it, no pun intended!

hmmm... Nothin' some paintless-dent-removal can't take care of! :biggrin:


(NOTE: possibly a Berlina black 91-01 NSX in the pic above)

How much do "total-loss" Ferrari 360's go for in terms of buy-back from the insurance adjusters? Usually a 'totalled' NSX can be bought back for ~10-12.5% of it's pre-accident/wreck value from the insurance company, following settlement.
Obviously, that F-150 picked the wrong garage to crash in.
For some reason that pic makes me horny :wink: One "F" mounting the other "F" (ok nevermind me... just being silly).
Maybe the F-150 is owned by the girlfriend of the guy who owns the F-360's. Maybe he cheated on her so she got even by destroying his precious Ferrari in a fit of rage.
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White92 said:
Maybe the F-150 is owned by the guy who owns the F-360's. Maybe he cheated on her so she got even by destroying his precious Ferrari in a fit of rage.

Maybe the guy with the 360 was cheating on the guy who owns the 150. Guy came home early, saw the Ferrarri hiding in his garage, and................
wow... damn teenage driver.

At least no innocent person got hurt/injured because of this moron.

They should put BIG speed bumps near the house. Or gate the damn neighborhood to reduce traffic.

Fort Smith
Sara Lasure Reports
Ferrari flattened by pickup truck
Jul 21, 2005, 10:10 AM
FORT SMITH--A Fort Smith family had their home remodeled, unintentionally, after a pickup truck landed in their garage on top of a 2000 Ferrari.

The accident happened just before four Sunday evening on Jenny Lind Road in Fianna Hills. According to the police report, the teenage driver reached for a cell phone and ran off the road and became airborne. He caused about two hundred thousand dollars worth of damage to the garage, the Ferrari, a PT Cruiser as well as 2 motorcycles.

The speed limit is posted at 30 miles per hour, but the owner of the damaged home as well as neighbors say there have been plenty of problems in the past. It's been nonstop traffic for the neighborhood with a steady stream of cars driving by to get a view of a flattened Ferrari and devastated garage.

Owner Steve Marts wasn't home at the time of the accident, but got the bad news over the phone. “I was just numb, just real numb,” Marts said.

Marts’ neighbor Glynn Craine says he's seen his share of accidents at that home. Two other separate incidents sent cars careening of the road and into the house. “I never dreamed of it when I built here,” Craine said. He's mended his mailbox three times, after cars curved off the road and onto his property. “If people would just slow down, speed kills.”

Marts says this accident won't force him out of his home. “We enjoy living there, other than that.” But it forces him to come up with some creative ways to keep it from happening again.

Marts says he's considering putting up boulders on the side of the driveway. He and his neighbor are also looking for some help from the city. They suggest more patrols for speeders and as well as some type of speed bump.
Having the NSX myself I could hear cars passing by speeds up just infront of our house just to get attention. It is called inferiority complex. :biggrin:
NetViper said:
I see it was in Arkansas. You might be a redneck if you park your F150 ontop of your 360. :biggrin:

I'm staying in Arkansas at the moment. Boy, let me tell you, they have got some of the most stupidest on/offramps and roads that I have seen, and i've been to different parts of the world. they have offramps going into oncoming traffic. I heard from my instructors and people in general, that the designer of these roads was actually killed in one of these offramps.

People complain about CA drivers, but bad drivers are everywhere. the ones I hate the most are road hogs, they take up the fast lane, wont move over to let you pass. They drive side by side with another car , so you cant pass them on the slow lane. Second on the list are drivers that dont use their turn signal.
nicholas421 said:
According to "Ask Google" :

Liability insurance is required to register your automobile in
Arkansas. You are required to have a least $25,000 of coverage for
bodily injury per person; $50,000 bodily injury per accident; $25,000
property damage.

wow that's pretty high, compared to AZ and other places. In AZ you're required to have 15/30k as minimums. A high percentage of people here don't even have that.

AAA estimates up to 40% of the drivers are uninsured in AZ... :eek: