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Identify this Car!

26 February 2006
California Republic
I spotted this on 99N in the stockton area. I think I've seen pictures of it on the web before but not sure. It's way cool looking though, has a full nude CARBON FIBER BODY. :eek:





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Z3 hatch all raced out.
Looks nothing like a Z3 coupe...

Hmm, I know what it is, i'm just trying to put my finger on it... Renault Clio, VW something-or-other... but not a Z3.
If it's the honda, I know where there is a stock one sitting at a car dealership if someone is interested. I asked the sales guy about it and he said it belonged to the owner of the dealership and might be for sale. I never followed up.

Oh and I was planning on following the same basis, either a Busa motor or GSXR1000, chain driven solid rear axle like the way shifter Karts are set up.
Well this has obviously been anwsered but damn it I read the entire thread and want to post what I thought it was when I first saw the photo.

I said Z3 coupe race body. But then from the side it looked kinda similar to a EG hatch.
It's definitely the Honda. The car is well known.