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If you had an extra 4G sim with unlimited voice/sms/data....

31 July 2001
Boston, MA
What would you use it for?

I have an AT&T family plan, it makes no sense to replace one phone with this thing as I'd only save myself like $10/month. I suppose I could pull off one with a data plan and save $40.

I could put it in a jailbroken iPad 1 and use it as a phone, but I'd look like this guy


I thought about car tracker or alarm, but if someone steals my car, I really don't want it back. and that would be a waste of all the voice/sms.

I simply have no idea what to do with it. I was PM for the launch of a new mobile company and they comped me free service in the form of a sim.
Stick it in an unlocked mobile hotspot (iPad may actually be the cheapest way to do this) and surf the web for free on all your devices wherever you are...
I thought of that, but I can already use my rooted SGS3 (or my wife's jailbroken iPhone 4) as a wifi hotspot. I really can't think of a good use for this! Being a tech geek, it's kind of driving me crazy :). There's gotta be something cool that normally I'd be like.... well that would be killer if I didn't have to pay for the monthly data bill!
Hahahaha, that is pretty friggin cool. I need to put one of those in our office in Europe. I'm constantly trying to hunt people down on Skype. Would be amazing to roll right up to them with a friggin robotic video conferencing thingy! HEY, WHY ARE YOU IGNORING ME CALLING YOU ON SKYPE?? I SEE YOU'RE AT YOUR DESK!!
Looks like there is a 3g (not 4g) nexus 7 announcement in a couple of days but looks like the 10 is wifi only.

Ah well, was hoping there was some cool device in had forgotten about or hadn't seen that would be fun to play with. I guess I'll just port out a number and take a phone with data off my family plan.