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Okay, I finally have a NavPod and an idea...please help me confirm if I am on track

11 July 2014
Chicago, IL
The NavPod has a generic LCD within. It has RCA, VGA and HDMI jacks for video.

I am running stock ECU.

I would like to run engine diagnostics, maybe backup camera, certainly mapping and possibly just video through the LCD.

I am using an iPhone 6.

My plan is to run an Apple AV Adapter from the phone to the NavPod (using HDMI cable). I would use the LCD to mirror my iPhone's screen. So, I want to check a text or put on the map function, it would show on the LCD. Sound? I am going to continue running that through the stereo (for now).

Is there a better way (as long as I am using the current LCD setup)? Could I run a bluetooth to the LCD (i.e. is there such a thing as a bluetooth with HDMI connector as opposed to USB?)



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How many screens will you need for your engine diagnostics?
I am running a Pioneer AppRadio 4. It can:
- run apple car play
- navigation via apple maps
- back up camera
- bluetooth my phone or hard wire via current apple iPhone connection
- play DVD's (other input)
and I still have at least 2 more inputs...and its a touch screen
I am just running one thing at a time, not doing all that serious diagnosis that tuners do. This is a novelty for me. I would be surprised that I keep the NavPod unless I removed/replace the LCD with a tablet and cellular connectivity.

Right now, I would say I would be using maps at most.
Closing this out. I bought this Apple part and it worked fine.

However, I decided a NavPod was not for me. So, it is gone and I am moving on.

Thanks for the help Prime!