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I'm officially re-joining the team...

19 December 2004
Glastonbury, CT
My new 2000 NSX-T Red on Black with 43k miles is resting in the garage now.

Glad to be back on the team (well, I never left the team, I was just short and NSX for a while).

I started working my incoming inspection to be sure my new baby is 100% as I like. I have few things I need to get done but overall, she's about 99%.


This should be your first upgrade

It looks so much better on the back end.

We will have to meet up soon. I want to see if that 3.2 with a 6 speed is any quicker :biggrin:
Nice. Never seen that before. The signature file will change soon. It really shouldn't have your car on it...
Congratulations! You know better than to post a new owner thread without pics. I expect that to be rectified soon. :biggrin: