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Impromptu Fall WI Drive

21 October 2007
Storage, WI
Hello NSX Friends:

Impromptu Fall Drive this Saturday October 9th.

We are meeting at Asteri Motorsports at 9am to present John Vasos with a small token of appreciation before departing at 10am for a back road drive to the Elkhart Lake area for lunch.

After lunch, we'll check out whatever is going on at Road America if you're interested and then head home after that.

See you Saturday if you can make it!
wow that is the most modded NC1 I've seen.Any info on it?
Wish I could have made the entire event! Looks like a good time at RA like always. Thank you Jake for setting it up!

[MENTION=4282]docjohn[/MENTION]: that’s a build done/owned by Carbon6. I don’t know all the exact details of it but its so darn nice!
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