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in-car video camera suggestions?

14 September 2006
Can anyone recommend an in-car video camera that can record multiple angles (front/back) for the purpose of documenting accidents/damage to the car?

I was in an accident a few months ago, and found that with no witnesses the other party can basically lie and make up anything they want.

I'd like to record car accidents and maybe even parking lot accidents like door dings, etc., so something that can run on batteries for a while while the car is parked.
I heard there was going to be a new version of GoPro that could be controlled via an iPhone app. Does such a thing exist yet? I'd like to pick one up for NSXPO if it's available.
GOPRO HER02!!!!!!!



Get the ourdoor edition and buy the suction cup mount separate. its an amazing camera.. comes with free video editing software (Somewhat limited) but it allows you to convert vids to time lapse... etc i love mine!