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Interesting result from Florida Dyno Day


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17 April 2000
Northern VA
I was reading the stuff about Florida dyno day and noticed that one guy with Dinanchip + regular mods got 268 to the wheels while a guy with Dali chip + regular mods got 258...their peak torque seems to be the same. I wonder what caused this 10HP difference? I thought Dali chip was considered to be better than Dinan?
Comparing dyno results between those two cars is worthless unless the cars were dynoed BEFORE the mods as well, preferably at lease using the same machine. Many stock cars have a variation of more than 10 HP.
Lud is exactly right about comparative dyno results. My '91 with a Dinan Stage III chip and Comptech header and exhaust dynoed at 271 hp at the rear wheels. I have no idea how the car was before the mods though, or how other cars with varying mods would have dynoed on that machine on that day. But I at least have some bragging rights!
Ok. i understand. 271 in '91 with just those mods? impressive...the car must be in excellent shape.
Yes, the car's in excellent shape. You can see it as the POTM Aug. '98. I have a couple other mods like Dali sway bars with locating collars and the Japanese short gears and 4.23 R&P. I just got back from Laguna Seca this weekend and the car really performed well. Next step are some slotted rotors and RM brake pads. As for more hp, I'm trying to convince my wife that I need a supercharger...
271 at wheel is defintely amazing.
I've almost the same mods as yours but I haven't had a chance to dyno it. I'm wondering how much do you pay for your Dinan stage III chip? Do you need to modify the stock ECU to adopt the chip?
It's a long story NSEX, but Dinan sold their chip business to some guy in Alabama. When I contacted him and told him that I wanted to upgrade from a my original chip to a Stage III he quoted me a pretty outrageous price. Well, I actually talked him down by a few hundred dollars. The first chip came to me in it's own ECU, with my ECU turned in as a core exchange. You see, the OEM chip is soldered in place and they send you a new ECU with their chip unsoldered, for replacement/exchange purposes. I really don't know how much better or worse the Dinan chip is, I just know what I'm making at the rear wheels. Like I say, bragging rights. Good luck with your mods!