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Is it safe to use higher amperage battery?

12 June 2002
Brunei/ UK
I'm going to buy a new car battery tomorrow. Mine is an automatic so if I'm correct the car battery spec would be 12 volt 55 amp. Would it be safe to get a 60 amp battery instead? Thanks.
I think you mean capacity in Amp-hours. It's a measure of how much "juice" the battery contains. In a sense, bigger is better, more cranking time, won't run down as fast if you leave your lights on. Some people get smaller capacity batteries because they're lighter. As long as it's a 12V car battery, it's fine. Of course, you want one that will fit, with the terminals in the right places, etc.

The Interstate battery for the NSDX is a MTP-35. This is thier top battery. The NSX uses a gear reduction starter. The starting current requirement is really not that high comparatively speaking. There is not mush of an electrical load on the battery in the starting mode. When the car is running the alternator is supplying the ships power. The NSX alternator is plenty big; greater than 100 amps. A standard battery would be just fine. However, as time goes on the battery will lose some capacity. I would buy the highest capacity battery like the MTP-35. This is the battery I have in my car.

More amperes is not an issue: the more the merrier. It would be like adding an extra 5L to your gas tank capacity.

The downside is extra weight and size (and a few kilo's here and there really add up.) The upside is you get a bit more cranks or use the radio longer when the engine is not running.

IMO if your not running alot of electrical componets with the car off then you really dont need the extra reserve power. I personally would just rather get something within the same CCA rating as the stock.
Thank you for the info guys. I was worried that having a high amperage battery would cause the cables to heat up. I replace the battery with 12V65AH ones. I was explained that 80D26L refers to the size and postive terminal of the battery. The battery I replace I had used on the car for over 3 years. It was really due to be replaced.
there is no danger, I roll since 1 year with a battery of 75 Amp, that leaves me time to work evec the open doors day and night with the music without emptying the battery, on the road, I did not note anything either… all is ok!