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Is it worth buying this car and do NA2 conversion?

i dont know a whole lot, but i know that the parts end up being closer to $7k after hidden costs (for 02), how's the subframe on that puppy? if its bent it may cost alot to fix

the price seems fair though, i guess as long as you know that it may cost quite a bit to fix, its probably not a bad deal
List price on just one fender is 1100$ so I would say you should do alot of research on what is damaged and how you are going to get parts and labor to fix it, It would really stink if you spent as much fixing it as just buying a straight one, I bought a 92 with 90k and new T-belt and 90k done, and fairly recent clutch, straght and clean for 25k, you may get lucky but I would step carefully....JZ
It looks expensive to me @ $14K. It looks like a decent starting point @ $10K. I asked for more pics to determine if I'm undervalueing it or if the seller is overvalueing it. It looks to me from the one picture that pretty much everything forward of the windshield needs to be replaced, rather than just bodywork. Hanging new panels is easy. Fixing the understructure is what really beats up your wallet.
I've bought and sold quite a few wrecked/salvage cars & bikes in my day. Without having the experience and facilities (ie. you pay someone else to do it for you) to do this kind of work, they never work out to be a good deal, unless you get a screaming deal on it, and in my personal opinion, that car is not a screaming deal. Like others have stated, I think you can find a car that will be nicer and less expensive than what that one will be fixed for.
minterm said:
Is it worth buying this car and do the whole new 02 front conversion or stay away from it?
Stay away from it. Wait until you can afford an NSX that you don't have to fix.

In my experience, 100 percent of sellers of crashed cars know how much it would cost to restore them, and have already figured out that it isn't worth it.