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Is this NSX wanted ad for real?

19 February 2001
Southern California
As seen here

Excerpt> If you have a mint 2002 or newer car, with 5K miles on it, full service records and an asking price under $35,000, call me collect ANYTIME (We can hope can't we?)
He wants your car! :biggrin:

It's ok. He at least has the entry fee for AN NSX...maybe not a newer one.
I'm the poster for that ad - it was "tongue in cheek" as they used to say.

If you read the entire ad, it was the "humor" section of the post.
It was funny though .. i mean, we all deep inside wish we could pay $0 for a ferrari, nsx, SLR etc etc etc but paying also makes us feel special .... that's why i think it was funny ...

Don't laugh, but a friend of mine bought an immaculate 5 year old MB for $100 when the wife sold her husband's MB after finding out her husband is out of the country on a business trip with another woman. Strange things can happened if you are at the right place at the right time and all the planets aligned.
Funny you say that, it's true, a good friend of my gf and I were just chatting then she mentioned her husband/kid were on the "coffin-mobile" and this is CREEPY :eek: ... i was what? ... long story short, one of her BEST friends ever, committed suicide on his late model i will say -imported luxury car- (for respect) and they found him like 2 days later with a suicide note etc etc .. turns out that the car was with ONE seat ruined and some "damage" (remember Mr. Wolf?) then the family of the poor long gone guy didn't want that car .. so they sold to her for a "symbolic" amount.. that i don't believe was much @ all .. they replaced the seat and sent to detailing and now they drive a cool very cool car .... now, me, myself i think i would just get then sell that car ..... -chills- .... still they are good/cool people .. but that story "weirded" me out a lot ..... LOLOL