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Is this technologically possible?

15 March 2010
Chicago Area (northside burb)
While my NSX was in the shop I was given a 2010 TL SH AWD. It had 303hp, but more importantly it had a TON of torque thanks to its 3.7L V6.

The old argument of "no replacement for displacement" comes to mind. Just curious if the 3.7L engine with a science of speed supercharger would fit into an NSX.

Can this be done? Is there a way to compute how much Whp and Torque can be produced, and what performance it would yield.

I got this idea from the "stroked engines" that SOS builds.

It would be WAY easier to get the same power/torque by boosting your stock motor.
All that extra displacement has to do something for producing power doesnt it. I was thinking that with a 3.7 platform you can squeeze more out of the SOS and other other aftermarket systems.

Does anyone know if the engine is the same dimensions or would fit? Might be an interesting project. The new TL does 0-60 in 5.2 seconds or so... imagine in an NSX what that would do before you even add the SC


It would be WAY easier to get the same power/torque by boosting your stock motor.
I don't know if I could live with the reduced rev's on the stock gearing. Your talking about sub 7000rpm redline vs a transmission that was geared for a 8000rpm redline. Also the 3.7 has SOHC vtec vs our DOHC unit. Sure it makes 20 more hp on paper ( new SAE standards on the new engine ). But yeah I say its not even worth the effort to gain .7 liter of displacement. The only real benefit I see is that the 3.7 appears to be inefficient by having only 86hp per liter ( rated at 320hp on the old SAE standard ) vs 90hp per liter on our NSX. Which means just by making it as efficient as our C30/C32 engine by default you would have a new SAE rating hp of 333hp. Not bad.... but still not worth it.
If it was up to to me, I see a lot of cars running 12:1 compression ratio stock and that is without using direction injection. I would love to one day do a 3.2 build with 12:1 compression ratio NA build with a stand alone. That would be a nice 350hp engine and should put us into the high/mid 12 second 1/4 mile range and put us on par with a LS2 powered Vette or Audi R8.
Why try and reinvent the wheel.

Just call Science of Speed


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Check with the folks at Autowave, I remember someone talking to them about it or not a year or so ago. Not sure if it ever saw the light of day though. While talking to the guys there they seemed to roll their eyes at the prospect, but hey if the guy has the money to blow, why not give it a shot. :cool:
Im just looking at possible solutions. I was just wondering if it made sense to try. Thats all. I really dont have money to burn.

My thinking was since the 3.7 is a current production car engine it would be cheaper than a new NSX engine.. so maybe you would profit from the sale of your stock engine for the cheaper TL engine and get more power out of it.

Of course, then you need the labor, which will not be cheap, but might be cheaper than a 25k stroked engine from SOS.

Just looking at options, thats all.... not ready to do this or anything.


Well I wonder how much bigger can you make the 3.7 liter engine. I believe that engine was already a stroked version of the 3.5 liter.
There are two replacements for displacement, revs and boost.

You already rev higher than the TL, and there are several options for boost. A BBSC has to be far cheaper than an engine swap, and if you want low-end torque, then get an SOS supercharger. That's what I would have done if I had $10k more than I did when the BBSC went on.

Boost is awesome.
Here is a real-life example of the SOS 3.6L NA Stroker. Not sure how much it costed tho.


Coles notes: 333rwhp and 265lb of torque

It's actually 335rwhp and 270rlbtq. ;) The only drawback w/ this big of a stroker engine is that you need ITBs or a custom single plenum intake mani to really optimize the engine. The engine loses power at around 7K rpm and I'd really love to have that 1K rpm back (another 30-40hp wouldn't be bad either).

However, even w/o ITBs yet, it's still the funnest car I've driven. Not only the power of the engine, but it's immediacy, the sound, the smell, the tactile rumbling sense through the steering wheel, it's all quite emotive.
Was there also not a change in the way they rate the hp/torque in the newer cars ? Has anyone applied those changes to the Nsx for a true comparison
^^^ Yes I already have. For Honda's they usually lost around 20hp when going from the old rating to the new rating.